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What is the difference between a 75% stimulus field and 75% saturation field? I wasn't able to find examples to clear this up for me. How would these be used in calibration? Thanks,
Hey Whiskey, I found some more targets for ya! Sounds like a fun project. Targets are here.
Are you guys forgetting to take into account that you're taking measurements from a fresh bulb and haven't factored in the lamp decay down to it's linear portion of the lamp's output? Hopefully JVC is using a predictive model in their calibration process to account for this.
Paul,Try the DLA-HD750. It's identical to the RS20. Cheers,
Chadly, +1 Good reality check.
I have 3 yds of Casa Platinum Satin fabric that I don't need. If someone is interested. PM me.
Hi erkq, Sounds like the memory cap has gone bad. It essentially holds a charge for the memory to keep your user settings intact. I've had a couple go bad on a vcr and receiver I had and it was always a nuisance to reprogram every power cycle. And, I know the inconvenience of being without a projector.
Hi ndev2k, I think you'll have better luck posing your question on this forum. http://www.avforums.com/forums/laptops-mini-pcs/ The site is in the UK and they'll have a better idea of how to get you what you need. Good Luck.
DIY FYI If you're inclined to repair a bald spot on your velvet frame, here's just the ticket. It's a technique called flocking and you can get supplies here for under 10 bucks. You simply dab the acrylic adhesive onto the bare area, fill the applicator with flocking and squeeze the applicator over the damaged area. Let it dry and remove any loose fibers. Once cured, it will look as good as new. BTW, I ordered a fixed frame this week from HTdepot and will be retiring...
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