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Awesome....those look killer! Rob are they really stable standing up or a bit top heavy?
Are we going to get any pre-GTG pics of the beasts tonight?
Oh yeah it played fine
I downloaded it. Can I put it on a thumbdrive and play on the Oppo 105 and still get 5.1? I couldn't get the audio to play on the computer............speaker icon was grayed out and on mute.
Just lemme know
I'll give you a demo if you get to Austin
It's true. I don't notice much anymore except for a small circle Again, I think any positive gain screen hotspot in white scenes........it's not distracting, I just notice. Otherwise the picture, color and black levels are terrific. Again I think that most any positive gain screen will exhibit this to some degree.
No, just a customer. BlakeSI does and is a forum member.....he posts in here pretty often.
I see a bit in white scenes, bright blue sky scenes etc......but it is small and bothers me less and less. Pretty much any positive gain screen will have this effect to some degree.....just the nature of a reflective material. Some notice or focus on it more than others.
You'll love it. I have the BD 1.4 110" paired with an Epson 5020 and it's awesome
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