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How much? (google says about three grand). Looks pretty flexible.
Maybe the niche market for the XMC-1 is the tweaker or tinkerer. EMO should open up DSP 2 to the wild and let hobbyists play. They list Linux operating system on their spec sheet. Publish and support an API or whatever they call it. (I am not a programmer). MiniDSP may be a good partner since their software is solid and well understood. The firmware could be another problem entirely.
I have a Dyson that I HATE. I bought a small shark at Costco, also a useless piece of crap. I've been planning on retrofitting a central vac but would love to find a good canister machine instead. I'll check out the Sebo! Two golden retrievers. A Himalayan persian. I live in New Mexico (we have dust). I suck at domestic chores.
If you don't want to do an acoustically transparent screen, you can build a decent screen with blackout fabric that's made for curtains for well under $100.
That video is incredibly helpful! Two speakers for center is not a good idea - You'll get all kinds of weird interaction and cancellations with them. Don't let the soffit on the left worry you! I'd build a matching soffit on the right for symmetry and a soffit over the screen wall too. You could curve the screen soffit for a cool look. Mount the top of the screen below the soffits and use a 2.40 aspect ratio. I'd also suggest using an acoustically transparent screen...
You can do a widescreen setup with many projectors without having to get a lens. They have memories on the zoom and shift lens settings - just zoom out for widescreen and let the black bars spill off the top and bottom of the screen. Epson, JVC, Panasonic and probably others do it. You'll need to black out the screen wall to absorb the left over light though. Works great!
Evap coolers need a lot of air flow to be comfortable, otherwise you get way too much humidity in the room. I've got evap in my garage and my adjacent theater gets muggy just from vapor transmission through the drywall. Between the humidity and heat load my 1.5 ton mini split in the theater can't keep up unless I run it almost full time during the summer. I doubt that a window unit would have enough capacity. I'm looking at replacing my mini split with a ducted unit...
Setting up an Atmos system has got to be far more complex than what we're used to currently. Distance and level is easy to measure and correct for in our current 5.1 and 7.1 systems. The Atmos processor needs to know where those speakers are located in space to steer sounds to the correct channels and image sounds between the physical speakers. How will the installation and calibration be accomplished in the real world? I could see bundling a laser device, measuring...
I'm running four sealed 15's. My response is amazingly flat, considering no EQ and minimal treatments. It took a bit of work to get them positioned for best response but it was time well spent. I intend to EQ to overcome the natural rolloff at the bottom that you get with a sealed sub. I'd highly recommend multiple subs located for best in room response. I've read that four is about optimum in most cases. Mine are DIY and running off a multichannel amp a friend gave...
This white paper is worth a careful read. http://www.dolby.com/uploadedFiles/Assets/US/Doc/Professional/Dolby-Atmos-Next-Generation-Audio-for-Cinema.pdf I can see a configuration in my theater adding two additional screen channels, two side surrounds, two front surrounds, and four height channels. With my DIY speaker tendencies, the cost would be manageable. Ten channels of amplification is not a budget killer either.
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