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Wire them in parallel for 4 ohm load, series for 16 ohm. Your receiver might not like seeing a 4 ohm load but it's probably got robust protection circuitry. If the amp is unhappy it will shut down.
Restaurant steak or grocery store steak. If grocery store, is the "rotten meat section" discount applied?
I guess it's a matter of your priorities. Personally, I prefer the minimalist approach that Emotiva has taken with the XMC-1. I'd prefer to do media rendering with dedicated throw away devices. Same for video processing - it either belongs in the display or a dedicated processor. I'm done with legacy video so HDMI only, without analog video conversion, works for my system. My preference is a pre-pro that does only signal routing and the best possible audio...
Some day Emotiva might release the XMC-1 with Dirac Live 7.2. This prepro has been under development since 2008 but it looks like it might actually be close to shipping. Only $Two Grand!
I'd say furr the whole wall out, then sheetrock over the windows. When sale time comes rip the sheetrock down and descrew the furring. You don't want to mess with the windows unless you want to unleash the can-o-worms...
It's hard to see what's going on here. Did the magnet fall off the back of the tweeter assembly, leaving the diaphragm and voice coil intact? It kind of looks like the glue holding the magnet failed. No magnet, no motor. The plastic thing is the tweeter tube load nautilus device that B&W touts. It handles the back wave or some such. If you've got the magnet glued back on and everything centered you should be good to go...
Here's another. Sort of well known artichoke's home out west. His buildings usually leaked, and sometimes had structural failure. But he was ground breaking. Know who? Interesting diffusers and starfield ceiling. Horrible light control. Stadium seating. ADA approved ramp I've been there...
++ what Big and Crash11 said. +++ remove the bathroom door.
Find someone who's done some electronics tinkering. It's a really easy job but if you've never soldered before I wouldn't suggest learning on this.
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