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++ what Big and Crash11 said. +++ remove the bathroom door.
Find someone who's done some electronics tinkering. It's a really easy job but if you've never soldered before I wouldn't suggest learning on this.
Probably not worth messing with. I think the module has amps for satellite speakers built in with weird crossovers to make the tiny cubes "work". You'd be better off buying a $100 sub from monoprice than messing with the Bose (rhymes with Hose). Welcome to the forum!
I had a fair amount of spill that was annoying. I placed masking about 4" in front of the projector lens to catch most of the overspill. The rest is dealt with by the screen border and masking. Look closely at my projector in this "progress" shot. You'll see what I mean.
First post was SSR's, but the OP switched to mechanical relays.
Flat panel might be okay. Have you considered doing a 2.35 aspect ratio screen with a projector? Great for movies and you won't feel like you're too close. I sit about 9' eyeballs to screen and it's great. Big has a reserved spot in the money seat in my theater if he ever makes it to The Land of Enchantment.
I edited my post^^^
they make "secure" wall mount brackets for ipads
Look at iRule for control.
You can't have your speaker cable change temperature along the run. If it goes from a warm equipment cabinet to cold crawl space, then back to the warm room, the temperature delta will cause inconsistent diffraction of the waveforms. The same thing happens in water filled caves. You'll need to encase your speaker wires inside fluid filled tubing. Circulate the fluid to keep the temp within 0.025C along the full length of the run.
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