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There should be wood framing there. They usually frame the wall with normal studs, then the bottom of the soffit will have a continuous horizontal piece running perpendicular to the wall studs. The horizontal piece will have the framing that supports the bottom of the soffit nailed to that. You may have to probe around to find wood. Use a long finish nail.
If you are going to use iRule, you could use one of the iTach relay units to trigger the amp. Check out fleabay for some smoking deals on used GC-100 boxes that have relay outputs. I snagged five GC-100-12 for about a hundred bucks a few months ago.
Parham said he has tried other drivers with shorting rings in the midhorn and actually prefers the Eminence Delta 10. I vaguely remember his reasoning that the midhorn didn't go low enough to really benefit from an upgraded driver.
Expandable braided sleeving from Parts Express. http://www.parts-express.com/cat/expandable-braided-sleeving/2193
Learning is good, just be careful! The big blue spark probably didn't hurt anything but the fuse in your DMM.
You shouldn't even be messing around with this stuff - you don't know enough to be safe.
We need action shots of two rowdy dobie teenagers too.
Your understanding of the zoom process is correct. But you need to add lens shift to the equation too. When you zoom, the image will move up or down, depending on the amount of offset from the centerline of the lens to center of screen (horizontal). If your lens is exactly centered on the screen then you don't have to mess with shift (that's how I've got mine set up). Lens memory lets you store zoom and shift settings in the projector for quick recall. All that said,...
Hey DETZX You should add a column to your spreadsheet with the aspect ratio expressed consistently and sort by that. For example, you've got 16:9 listed, but I'd use 16/9 instead (1.78), same for 4:3, use 4/3 = 1.33. That's a excellent list - must have taken some work to put it together! Then by sorting on the numerical aspect ratio, you'll see that you have a bunch of movies wider than 1.78 (hdtv) or 1.85 (Academy flat aspect ratio). All those will benefit from a...
I see amps and speakers as a long term investment. Processors (or receivers used as processors) tend to change and evolve, so they are replaced rather frequently.My first "real" system was based on a Rotel receiver. It had "issues" from the get-go, so I exchanged it for a preamp and five channel x 120w power amp, which was vastly better performing. Then I replaced the 5x120w with one 2x200w and one 3x200w power amps. It was a worthwhile upgrade. When I got a bigger...
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