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What's your woodwork experience level? What tools are available? A few photos would be helpful too.
I'd vote for four subs too, I went from one crappy commercial to four 15" sealed DIY boxes. It was easy to get fantastic response by positioning only. I've got a miniDSP but it's not even in the chain. Pop in for a listen next time you're in the ABQ.
Two thumbs up for Armando. Nothing like pride in workmanship.
You could build a "picture frame" for the trim. Glue rare earth magnets to the back of it. Drive a few strategically placed flat head steel machine screws into the rack rails. Stick the picture frame magnets to the flat head machine screws. Easy to remove the picture frame when you need access to the equipment mounting screws
I'd build it solid. Put the rubber or something else compliant on the bottom of the feet instead. Ditto for the top. I'd want the most mass possible resisting motion induced by the movement of the sub. Check out this thread. Something similar I helped a buddy build.
What's that component above your preamp and video processor? Looks like a typical PC motherboard, but what's with all the DB25 and XLR connectors?
I second the idea of a combined space. When I built my house I planned to do a dedicated theater with a bar in the back. I decided to put my office in place of the bar with no regrets. The theater is great for concentrating on work. No distractions, but still a nice open space with great sounding background music.
There's staff for that!
I'd build the cubbies oversize and just put bookshelf speakers in them. Overnight Sensations would probably be a good choice, although I have no experience with them. Speakers sometimes sound weird if boxed in. Might want to surround them with fiberglass or something with a full grill covering the cubby. Maybe the back of the cubby also open with grill cloth there too. Just tossing out ideas here and speaking out my @$$.
Is that alcove only 16" deep? Not sure from your description. Might be a squeeze for the electronics if that's all the space you've got. Do you have access from the backside? If you can wire from behind and steal some space from the back wall stud bays you might make it work. What are your performance expectations? Over the top hi-fi or do you just want to seriously improve on typical tv sound?
New Posts  All Forums: