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I have a Klipsch RC-52 with OBM (ie box, manual, plastic bags & foam inserts). I bought the RC-52 as part of a package from the original owner. I did not need the RC-52, but his price was too good to pass up. He used it as part of a HT system that was dismantled a couple of years ago and stored away. The RC-52 was bought from a Klipsch authorized brick and mortar store. The speaker is VERY clean and in great condition. The only defect is a small dent in the cabinet/vinyl...
Can you not just turn your TV off and let the PS3 play? Does turning your TV off shutdown the 867? If so, you might need to turn off HDMI Control in your TV's settings. Kevin T
Might have been. I was trying to learn the volume keys under the SAT device. I tried it under AUDIO and it learned it fine so I just punched it through. So glad I was able to get it to work because I really do like the MX-500. Kevin T
Just received my RX-V867 yesterday. It replaced a Sony STR-DN1010 that I purchased from Crutchfield. The 1010 was buggy and obviously had some problems. I returned the 1010 and bought the 867. More money, but I'm happier with the 867 thus far. I especially like the ability to change HDMI sources while the 867 is in Standby. My only issue now is that I'm having trouble programming/teaching my Home Theater Master MX-500 the codes from the 867 remote. It easily learned...
So, I purchased the Sony BDP-S480 and a Sony STR-DN1010 and seem to be encountering some problem. My setup consists of: Vizio 55" LED LCD TV Sony STR-DN1010 Sony BDP-S480 DirecTV receiver Xbox 360 The 1010 is connected to the Vizio via an HDMI cable The DirecTV receiver is connected to the 1010 on HDMI 1 The Xbox 360 is connected to the 1010 on HDMI 2 The 480 is connected to the 1010 on HDMI 3 My problem pertains to the HDMI pass through. With pass through set to either...
I just purchased the Sony BDP-S480 and a Sony STR-DN1010 and seem to be encountering some problem. For whatever reason, the 480 will not output 5.1 over HDMI into the 1010. Video is fine, but it always just plays 2.1. I've checked and rechecked my settings in both the 480 and the 1010. This is my first blu-ray player so maybe I'm missing something somewhere, but I can't figure it out. My DirecTV reciever outputs 5.1 via HDMI into the receiver no problem. I can connect a...
Think I'll try to see if it suits my needs before returning it. That's part of the reason I bought it from Crutchfield. They have a 60 day return policy. Kevin T
I just purchased the STR-DN1010 today from Crutchfield. I downloaded the manual to look over while I wait for the the receiver to arrive. I have one question though. How does the HDMI pass through work? I intend to contact my Xbox 360, DirecTV receiver, and Blu-ray player (all via HDMI) to the receiver. How does pass through work with multiple HDMI sources? Thanks. Kevin T
I downloaded the user manual from Samsung. It looks pretty decent on paper. It's missing some functionality that I liked with the Denon (input naming, assignable digital inputs...). You're right in regard to the integrated blu-ray player being problematic if it needs repair. I held onto my Denon 3806 for almost 6 years, so upgrading to the newest format isn't high on my priority list. I'll have to consider it some more before jumping in with both feet. Kevin T
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