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Hi Ralph. As usual I concur with your overall rating and assessment. I DID enjoy the movie, but with a somewhat larger-than-normal suspension of disbelief required. Of course, that's the whole point of a movie. I thought the acting was better than the script deserved, and the premise was interesting....just not completely thought through. In short, I tink this could have been a better movie, but could have been a lot worse, too.
Nice to see some activity on this thread. I use my 980H exclsuively as a music transport and really enjoy it. I bought a PS3 for BD playback back when it was the only real option, so never got onto the Oppo BD player(83 or 93) bandwagon. The 980H was/is a good alternative that holds it's own even now.
I'd consider a used DVDO VP30 and a HDFury (any series). Should be able to find both for less than $750.
I use a DVDO VP30 with an SDI card to feed my NEC 10pg thru a HDFury (HDMI to RGBHV converter.) My sources are PS3 via HDMI, DTV HD DVR via HDMI, Oppo DV-130 for hirez multichannel music via HDMI, HD-A35 via HDMI, and a Panny RP-82 via SDI (and SPDIF for audio). I use an Onkyo PR-SC886 controller/preamp to handle all of the HDMI switching, then through the VP30 for scaling and gamma correction (you'll need gamma correction for a CRT- well you'll certaily want it after you...
Here is my final post in this thread. For those who have been unable to be respectful of differing opinions, and think that "you are a mear (sic) flea on the (sic) dog's back" et al is an example of appropriate discourse, feel free to continue to vent your frustrations. Or, you may wish to move on and avoid "another infraction". Your choice. I have cancelled my NF service. Placing my account 'on hold' as some have kindly suggested does not address the period of time I...
So, if my internet provider cannot provide a connection, then the problem is with my PC? BTW, welcome to the forum!
Sure has been an active thread though. Over 400 views and 43 responses in the six-odd hours since it started at 1:14PM today. Those folks might disagree with you. And you couldn't resist jumping in either :-)
If I hire a general contractor and his sub does incorrect work, the general contractor is liable. The GC is responsible for the work of his subs. If the GC does not deliver the product or service agreed upon then I owe him nothing. I retain the right to sue for specific performance, and for liquidated damages. That is case law in every state going back many, many decades. Netflix is the GC. They collected the money. My agreement is with them. They are liable. Netflix...
Take a look here : http://www.netflix.com/NRD/PS3?80025319 and tell me that Netflix isn't offering to put videos on my TV. Netflix should have written the code to direct their product to the PS3 without going through the PSN. They either cheaped-out or Sony refused to let them have access. Either way, they chose a delivery system that isn't working. I just believed their ads and signed up with the expectation of competence and their ability to make good on their promise.
Guess we can close this thread now.....we've heard from Joe Schmoe AND Joe Blow :-)
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