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Two of those are post processing DSP algorithms.. not new codecs.. of which Yamaha has their own.And not all of their competition has adopted Dolby Volume in lieu of THX Loudness Plus or Dynamic Volume... they aren't alone in their omission.I think it's a fairly safe assumption that Yamaha would support whatever might be coming down the pike in terms of codecs from DTS and Dolby..
I am sadly downsizing and parting with my STS and Mythos 10 7.1 setup. PM if interested.
Dolby nor DTS have nothing to do with room correction in current AVRs. Why would this be any different?If Dolby Atmos comes home you can be sure the Audyssey, Pioneer, Yamaha, Dirac and any other supplier of room correction will update their products to properly setup rooms for optimal playback.The XMC having Dirac has nothing to do with Atmos.
Sanjay.... you're taking the original point and steering it away from what we were discussing.I disagree that there will be a benefit playing back Atmos on a 5.1 or 7.1 system. That was it.Since there is no product announced, by either dolby or its competition, we don't know how they handle playback on "legacy" speaker layouts.
Which again reiterates the fact that object audio in a 5.1 or 7.1 setup doesn't offer any real benefit withoutnsu such functionality.It's speculation to assume that any home Atmos setup using 5.1 or 7.1 speakers would do anything other than use a legacy channel encode (if that was available on the media to begin with.)While there would have to be updated versions of room correction for the new channels, I'm not sure we will see remapping any time soon.
^ but the AVR would need to be able to compensate for the speakers placement.. if the object is dead cenrer, x y z axis all 0, if the center speaker is placed off to the right or left, unless the receiver can compensate for the speakers location the object won't be in the right place... If the AVR can do this it won't benefit one format over the other in 5.1 or 7.1 setups.
Sanjay.. Rendering and remapping are two different things. Since they aren't down mixing in real time, we can only expect they might follow the same course at home.
That's not what I am saying at all.What I said is that theatrical atmos sits alongside a 7.1 channel mix on the DCP...it doesn't down mix in real time.I said if they follow that route for any home iteration, I suspect it would be the same.... even if they down mix in real time, it won't be any better than a channel based 5 1 or 7.1 track (unless they add post processing to do psychoacousic trickery.)
Keith. Again..... It won't make a difference with 5 1 or 7.1 setups if they go the same route they have for theatrical. I'm not sure where dolby said it would benefit a 2.0 soundbar. Link?
Keith..Since we don't know if home Atmos, which doesn't exist at this point, would use the same model as their theatrical system, it's premature to say what benefit would be derived.MDA does remap in real time, but that is a different product all together. Even then, you are still using the same pan graduations when panning between 2 speakers or 12, for example.
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