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Thanks, not much I watch.
This reality crap is ruining TV IMO, who the hell wants to watch unhappy, pissed off people which for the most part is 90% of most reality shows.
Other than access to Blockbuster movies what do you loose if you cancel the BB package?
I had the same experience but the answer I got was that they were no longer charging for HD and this new charge was the replacement. Now that the blockbusters near me have all closed and I no longer have the option for store exchange and the fact it take forever to get new release the Blockbuster package is all but useless.
Bottom line, business (big business) is all about giving you as little as they can to fulfill what the said they would give you and extracting the most amount of money they can from you and keep you satisfied.
How do you preserve the 3D attributes when converting a Blu-ray 3D disk to MKV? I have several 3D discs I own I want to convert to MKV and put on my media server. So far every attempt with several different programs has resulted in a perfect MKV but with no 3D. Is there a specific program you need to preserve the 3D attributes when converting? I am playing back the MKV with my LG BP620 Blu-ray player that supports 3D and watching on a LG 3D TV. Could it be the player...
Could someone that owns a LG BD690 tell me about the hard drive. What can it be used for? Obviously in this day and age you can't copy a Blu-ray disc to it, is it just for ones media files? Also can it be remove and upgraded to a larger size? And just to confirm, does the BD670 and BD690 still have Amazon Instant Video after all the current firmware updates? I recently purchased a device with Amazon Instant Video and it disappeared after the first firmware update. Thanks
Anyone have any clue why Amazon's Instant Video streaming service is disappearing from devices? I looked today at Best Buy and there were none of the DVD players that had it. Recently I purchased a LG TV and also their little $30 network device that streams such services. Instant video is shown on the box and it was there till i did a firmware update and then it was gone. Amazon must have pissed somebody off big time.
Short of reading all 1500 posts here how are these players preforming. Any major bugs, performance issues and how is support? Is there someplace to see the features of the top 3 or 4 models side by side? Thanks
Shoot, seems like even a perfect player has something missing
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