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I have searched the web and here and most of the information I am seeing is 2 or more years old. What is the latest on using an external hard drive with the current line of Uverse DVR's? Can you do it?
Thanks! If you are a moderator you can delete this, I'll start a topic with the correct subject.
Where do you talk about, ask questions on HD cable/Uverse? Or is this referring to no discussion on HDTV?
Has anyone setup a 3D system yet with the VIP 3D Evolver? If so how is the picture and how hard was it to set up (align two PJ)? Thanks
Wanted a Sony VPL-VW40 BRAVIA Projector. If you have one let me know the condition, where you are and how much you want? Thanks, Steve sundance4@gmail.com
So does this mean you can not add a external drive to increase the storage? I am thinking about a Tivo but don't know much about their capabilities yet, just started researching them. Not sure if that is what a "dvr-extender hard drive" is.
So everybody is a criminal but them.
Can't even do that according to what support told me. Since their information says you can "exchange" your movies at the local BB I assumed that meant I could get one by mail, go to the local BB, return the mailed DVB/BD and get a new title.......................WRONG. It seems Dish doesn't understand English any better than their foreign support people do. Exchange to them means drop off the title that was mailed to you and wait for your next title to be mailed. Not sure...
I'm sure you are right technically and the 3010 was setup with just the basic setup. But for my viewing preference I found my old Sony (and I have never had it professionally caled or anything) a much more pleasing viewing experience. Of course it's only 2D and I have to admit the 3D experience with the 3010 was amazing. I have my eye on the Sony VPL-HW30ES.
Not so with my Sony vw40. The 3010 I had at 10' I could see pixels and with my Sony there is no pixels visible till you are within a 2' or so of the screen. Not that you would be viewing that close but I could see the pixels in some scenes with the 3010 from viewing distance.
New Posts  All Forums: