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What about the pixel size (viewed on the screen)? Is it the same with the 5010 as it was with the 3010?
When I play a BR iso I get hiccup at some scene changes, is this normal? If not what can one do to eliminate this or limit it as much as possible?
Didn't come up with anything via a search. Is anyone here using ThumbGen that could answer a few questions and help me with this program. Have managed to create some movie walls but have some questions about how to get these to my AIOS and where they go and why I'm missing one image. Thanks
Thanks for the info. The Oppo is way more than I want to pay and with the loss of .iso I wouldn't buy one if it was $10. I hate it when the Mfg. kiss movie industry Arrs.I'm figuring out the AIOS and some iso's seem to have menu function and some just go directly into play .....but, I can't live with the way the remote works ...or doesn't work. I'll try a learning remote this weekend and if it doesn't work like a remote should I'm sending it back and may get the Micca...
So only the BDP-93 (before the FW update) supports menus in 3D or standard Blu-ray iso's?
Where should DVD or BR iso's reside on the internal drive of the AIOS? In the root, "BT" directory or "Theater" Directory or does it matter? OK, the root is fine I now know. Where do I get the cover art and get it to display instead of the icon that displays by default.
Any media devices that have that chip or will do 3D from iso rips?
Does anyone know if the AIOS will play Blu-Ray rips of 3D disks in 3D?
Yep, that is how I discovered it had been formatted. It had a rip on it I was going to move to my PC and then copy the the 2tb AIOS HDD. I stuck the HDD in and there were two directories on it "Theater" and "BT" and that was it, no rip. I'm sure since no one else has had this issue I must have done something to format it as I was fumbling around trying to figure this thing out. I remeber going to the format area on the device but hit return and did nothing there. Don't...
I second that!
New Posts  All Forums: