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3010 Contrast ratio: 40,000:1 5010 Contrast ratio: 200,000:1
I currently have my Sony PJ positioned about level with the top of the screen. Because of the my high ceiling I really can't lower the PJ much more. I could raise the screen but I find it very comfortable the way it is and have been watching it this way for 3 years and think a change now would be unpleasant. So will the lack of lens shift on the 3010 mean I will have to look to the 5010? Is there keystone adjustment so I can point the PJ down and correct for...
Another question about the glasses, a little off topic but in the same ball park anyway. I'm about to get a Epson 3010, the projector will be above and behind the viewing point. will there be any issue with the emitter for the glasses? Does it bounce off the screen to the glasses or is it RF?
I have a Sony VPL-VW40 I have had for about 3 years and I love it. Had no plans on replacing it till i saw the Epson Powerlite at such a great price. It's much brighter than the VW40, 3 chip and 3D to boot. Is the picture quality of the Epson going to be as good (sharpness and invisible pixels till you are 2' from the screen) or better then my Sony? Is there anything the VW40 offers that the 3010 does not? What are the advantages of the 5010 and 6010 over the...
I haven't been here in a while and things seems to have changed a good bit. what happen to the Sat. TV or Dish Network area that was here last time I visited. I see a cable area but no Sat TV.
Maybe you should contact your broadband provider as well. If it's the phone company they should have had isolators in place to protect your phone as well as other equipment. Just as a backup plan you might contact them to see what they say.
Are you using them all at the same time via a USB hub or one at a time?Has anyone actually tried a 2TB drive and had it work? I am using a 1TB no problem so for sure 750gb is not the limit.
I have two I/O Data AVel Link Players (AVLP2/DVDLA) media players if anyone is interested, for free, just pay shipping. If not they are off to Ecycle or Goodwill.
Does that preclude streaming the recorded content as well?
Could some of the current Ceton InfiniTV users chime in on this? I was wondering what shows on Comcast have the flags turned on and the programs you have been unable to record. Also can you edit the recordings with editing software like VideoReDo? Thanks, Steve
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