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Yes...I have an original PS3 that can play SACDs and DVD-Audio discs. Do you know of a way to write out the lossless AIFFs to make a DVD-Audio disc? Alternatively, does anyone have a recommendation for how to stream lossless audio (in AIFF) through a PS3 to my AVM50? Thank you in advance for helping me learn. Ron
I have an AVM50, as well. I agree with the previous reply, in that I cannot get the new, high-definition audio bitstreams from my blu-ray unless I set the player to 'PCM'. When I do that, it sounds terrific. Ron
Good people, On the Audiogon website, there is an advertisement for a high definition sampler. They have two high resolution formats: 96kHz / 24 bit and 192kHz / 24 bit. I have an AVM50 with ARC installed. Can I play either of these formats directly, or should I stick with 44.1 kHz / 16 bit? Thank you in advance for any help you may provide. Ron
I have had my DVR+ for a little over one month, so I'm still learning how to do things. I saw a selection once, but cannot find out how to do it again, so I could use a little help. I want to record a show, by name, at the same time every week. This show is on many times during the week, but I don't want to record 20 repeats, just the ones when the network shows the new episodes. One time, a dialog box came up and asked how I wanted to record the episodes, and it gave...
I just received and installed my DVR+ yesterday. So far, so good: great picture quality, good guide, no problems. I have searched the thread and not found an answer to my question: if it has already been answered, my apologies... does the USB external have to be a desktop (ie, with its own power supply), or is a portable drive sufficient? Will there be problems if I go with a portable drive? Thanks in advance, Ron
Everybody, I recently began using my antenna for HDTV viewing. I have been unable to get the over the air programming guide to load. Does anyone have any tips? I know it says to turn the set off, so I leave the amplifier powered on all night. However, there is nothing being loaded. Thank you in advance, Ron
Selden, Yes, I was referring to a Pioneer 1140 HD. You were correct, and pointed me to the correct place. I had previously set the optical output to PCM. When I switched it to Dolby Digital, per the manual, everything worked as it should. Thank you very much for the help. Ron
Everybody, I am using my 1140 to display ATSC input via an OTA antenna. Picture is fine, but for some reason, the audio is only 2-channel PCM on the optical output. I know that the locals are broadcasting DD5.1, because they are that way on the satellite. Is there a setting somewhere in the 1140 that says down mix 5.1 into stereo? Or, is there something else that I should look at? Thank you in advance, Ron
Bob, thanks for the tip for getting manuals and firmware for the vintage Anthem's. - Ron
Dave, I always believed that FIOS would deliver a better picture because they did less compression of the video bandwidth, because they had more total available...was I merely hoping that was the case? Ron
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