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The kit includes the dongle too, which is absolutely required. Dirac is fairly easy to run - the hardest part by far is getting the equipment to communicate. Going with Datasat-sourced hardware makes life a lot less stressful. It sucks it is so expensive, but you get what you pay for!
Arthur --I'd strongly suggest you go with the kit -- I went the way you suggested and put together my own kit when I originally had the AP20 - and it was a bit of a nightmare getting all the equipment to talk with each other. There are also many "oh, by the ways..." involved in the Dirac process which are greatly minimized with the kit.It was a very frustrating experience trying to do it the cheaper way, and in the end the hassle was just not worth the savings IMO.Good...
Isn't there a $7K MSRP difference?
This is not the first time there are reports of a Datasat product sounding poorly due to suspected set up issues... Why can't they get it together for demonstrations that can impact large numbers of potential customers?
The standard answer around here is "Two weeks"... !
Happy to report that the H555 Expansion Card was delivered today...
No need to currently as my RS35 is putting out the absolute best image it is capable of -- and it really is quite good. While I do have the urge to upgrade, I want to change my screen first, to go from 16:9 to CinemaScope. Maybe later this year if the income gods smile on me
I'm using a Lumagen XE-3D, but really mainly as an expensive switching device for sources since it doesn't touch blu-rays which are 90% of the material in my theater. It does process the Verizon FIOS TV signal to juice that up a bit. Notably the lumagen does have triggers, so it overcomes the lack of them on the Datasat , and I will admit to having a Darby Darblet in there too that does it's voodoo to all video signals. I have learned from my days with an Anthem D2V...
Hi Nick - just to clarify, Dirac software is built in, but worthless without the dongle to unlock it. The dongle is part of the kit, and that is an add-on. So you either pay for the kit or you pay for a dealer/pro calibration. Point is there are extra costs in there to get Dirac to run unless there is room to negotiate with the dealer - and I have no idea what room there is on an RS20i. Out of curiosity, are RS20i's "gettable" at much less than retail? I was always...
The RS20i has a US MSRP of 18500 but that is supposedly going up soon if it hasn't already. Dirac adds another $2K or so I believe, plus you'll need it to be pro-calibrated or you'll need to supply the necessary hardware (microphone, mic preamp, computer). If you need more HDMI I/O's there are numerous outboard boxes that work well. Not an elegant solution, I know, but it is what it is.
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