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Tony -- By the way, did you ever get to hear the Datasat after it was re-calibrated or have you given up on it?
That's why I added the others. Plus I came off as more cranky than usual.
Here's a few write-ups: http://datasatdigital.com/consumer/info-center/press-and-awards/index.php
The pin diagrams are in the appendix of the manual -- But you will most likely need to have them custom made... I had DB25 - RCA's made for analog audio-in from my Oppo 105, and apparently the configuration is "non-standard", at least according to two of the cable places I first tried. I ended up at Markertek that did a very nice job on the cable. I still need to get the time to compare audio quality though -- HDMI Vs. Analog...
Oh, you mean the screen that was supposed to be out 2 years ago? The same one that the developer was going to be providing regular updates on? That one?
Good question! Guidance from Datasat tech support is to run Dirac solo and NOT touch any of the other EQ's, just leave them at default.
I was new to DB25's too, but I quite like them as they make hook-ups much neater on the back of the RS20i. The only potential downside is if you ever switch amps you may need new cables if there are different inputs on the new amp than you had before. Not a big deal though as I had Markertek make up some DB25 custom cables and they did a nice job for not a huge amount of money.HDMI handshaking has not been an issue for me, and no TrueHD decoding was a non-issue as I was...
Tony, if you want, feel free to come to PA and check out mine - I might be closer depending on where you are in New Jersey -- Zip here is 19454
If your dealer will let you rent/borrow it, by all means. If they will run the calibration for you, all the better if you want to avoid the learning curve. But, if you are like many of us in this thread without a local dealer then you are on the hook to get the Dirac key and the kit. It worked for me as I like to be self-sufficient, so if I ever move furniture or change speakers I can now just use my own stuff to re-run Dirac as necessary. I bought all my equipment...
Warm Boot Time -- 22 secs Cold Boot Time -- 68 secs I'd happily wait the extra 46 seconds if I could avoid having the fan on the extra 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I still maintain this is a misguided engineering decision held over from the AP20's commercial days. To have owners with 6 month old boxes that they have to vacuum out is very telling and wholly unnecessary. And I did notice that my rant about the cheap fan motor did not get addressed
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