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Thats great to hear! My new AP20 is sitting on my test bench as I have not had the time to pull the preamp it is replacing out of the rack. I have lots of little stuff to do yet too, like running a new subwoofer cable for another sub I added and removing the AMX equipment as I am installing iRule. I hope to get at it in the next week or so, then I'll be able to compare notes Mike
And mine should be here next week...
I am working towards converting from AMX to iRule -- and I have to say how impressed I am with Itai and the guys at iRule -- Very easy to work with, and extremely responsive. Itai (one of iRule's founders) has been great as I am trying to incorporate an esoteric audio processor into my system, and he has called me several times to update me on the progress he has made with the hardware manufacturer regarding getting the codes, etc... I'm really impressed. In fact he...
As I understand it the AP20 won't have 1.4b HDMI until late this year at the earliest. The good news is that the inputs are easily swapped out in the field, or so I have been told.Then again, at that point in time I imagine HDMI 1.5 or 1.6 will be out!
Here is some AP20 propaganda that caught my attention... http://www.cinetechgeek.com/2011/05/...und-processor/
Hi Dave -- Hope things are improving there after the tragedy... I am curious to know what drove you to choose the AP20 over the ADA and other units... And I know it's early and not fully set up yet, but any buyers remorse at this point? Mike
So the more I research the AP20 the more I like it's potential to sit at the heart of my theater... I think it's biggest negative is poorly done marketing materials, but then it's not marketed to the average home theater guy like me, so can't really complain... From what I am gathering though it could easily be sold in the same circles as ADA and Theta (the two other pieces I'm considering) and with a little effort on sales pieces that address installation and remote...
Wow! -- I'm having the exact same problems! I've re-booted the unit but it continues... My DVR continually defaults to 480P output - but I have it plugged into a Yamaha receiver via HDMI then to the TV. The receiver passes the HDMI signal thru when not on - but for some reason the DVR drops the resolution. I can reset it to 1080i manually, but that is getting old. I guarantee that Verizon's only recommendation will be to remove the receiver from the video chain
Unfortunately I'm buying a screen this year. Can't wait for you...
Absolutely agree. 96" diagonal in a 16 X 9 format is a very market-limiting size. I see the microlite as a good solution for all of those thousands of moderate lumen JVC's/etc. that are out there, but if the screen is limited to that small size I'm out too -- I need a 2.35 at least 120" wide (not diagonal). Oh well, back to Stewart!
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