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Thanks guys, that's what I thought, although being a bit of a newbie to the world of HDTV has me outguessing myself. Jimbo, The set will get too much use, so I can't go with a DLP or I'll be changing a $600 bulb every year, and the room will not allow a projector as there is just too much ambient light. (12' X 8' of glass with a Southern exposure, plus far too many other windows. And no, drapes are not an option.) While cost is of course a factor, I am placing...
So, in the real world, are 9" CRT's in a RPTV a big deal, or not? The marketing propaganda of these manufacturers that make them say yes, that is only way to get true hi-resolution HD, but then there are limited choices as they make the vast majority of sets with 7" CRT's. Is there that much of a difference? Should I really care about this feature when choosing a tv?
yep - been to soundex - but turned off by the cheesy salesguy I spoke to ... though they did have the xbr2's and the 720 near each other for comparisons sake. I also talked to a guy at Overture in Wilmington Delaware -- they are an authorized dealer and will deliver a 720 to north Wales for $6650, no tax. I didn't try to negotiate, either, as I am not ready just yet, but getting close.
Hi Rob -- The 710 has been out for about 2 years. Coiuncidentally, I'm also in North Wales! What store are you mentioning? I'd love to visit it, as I am in the HD hunt and deciding between a pioneer elite 720, sony 65xbr2, or a zenith..... Thanks!
Hey AVS Folks! I've narrowed the HDTV search down to one of these and would love your opinions to choose one -- 1) Zenith IQB64W10W -- The 64W has gotten great reviews and has 9" CRT's, but has 2 year old technology and it is rumored that it can be a bear to find someone to service them. (I can't even find a local place to purchase it at if that is the decision, but that is another story) 2) Zenith D65W25 -- the replacement model for the 64W10W...
New Posts  All Forums: