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3+ for Craig!
I suffered the same pain with my AP20 set up with a PC -- Dirac continually failed until I started over completely with a mac running XP. Even then it was a nail-biter as I kept expecting it to crash any second and make me start all over for the hundredth time. Dirac really needs to correct that software badly as it is incredibly sensitive to every little fart in the hardware/software chain. And Datasat needs to get on the stick and re-write the manual as it is not user...
A bit off topic, but does anyone know if I can split off a FIOS cable to add another tv or do I need to have all home-runs from the main cable interface? Thanks for any input!
Hey GGA, Yep, have the password in there, VNC sees the AP20, tries to connect, but just never gets there... I'll give remoter a shot and see what happens. The laptop I'm using to connect is an older IBM T40 which either has USB or USB 2 ports... Any idea if i'd hit the wall with legacy USB inputs? Everything seems fine until I try to measue and then Dirac goes deaf.
Interesting that it never heard the speakers-- I had the same issue when I tried Dirac... I was getting -60db in the Dirac screen for all speakers and thought it was the Centrance pre-amp I was using. I sent the pre-amp back to Centrance for the once over, and they said it was fine, but they indicated that the Earthworks M30 mic I'm using draws a lot of voltage, so I should consider using a powered USB hub out of the computer to try and mitigate that... Maybe something...
Hi Dan -- I have the AP20 and the fan never shuts off unless you kill the power completely. It isn't very loud, especially in a rack, but is unnecessary when it's not on. I am mostly concerned about drawing dust in more than anything, so good to know they addressed that in the RS20i. I believe Macs work fine with Dirac provided you use bootcamp. I'm a Mac guy, but find that I'm forced to keep an old PC laptop with XP around just to load drivers, etc. just because it is...
Dan - does the fan turn off when the unit is in standby, or is it on 24/7?
Sorry to say I already beat you there... I put in a Radiance XE3D in July. If you tell me you have a Paradigm speaker set-up I have to start thinking I have relatives in Australia
Our audio system is very parallel -- I also have two f113's! Absolutely add the second sub - it will really round out the bottom levels
Stephenbr -- I replaced an Anthem D2V with an AP20... in my system, the AP20 sounds fabulous, far more alive than the Anthem. Bass management has not been installed yet, and I really don't think it is an issue! I am also running a 7.2 system (actually 7.3, as I also have shakers installed on my chairs) and the bass is very tight and integrates perfectly with the rest of the speakers. I am not running Dirac yet as my mic pre-amp was being goofy and had to be repaired --...
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