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I thought that was double-secret information....
Irule actually will control the ap20 as the fine technical folks at datasat wrote specific code for it. Absolutely worth the small financial outlay... Vnc viewer works, but not as elegantly as irule
David -- Just contact Carl. He can answer all questions and supply units and any specialty cables you might need. Mike
AP20 Install Update: I have the box installed in the rack; and I have to say the DB25 connectors are very nice to work with -- Very easy and clean in the back of the rack after removing the 10 XLR connectors that were there originally. (I have a 7.3 system). First impressions are that it sounds very very good without even touching the calibration yet. Maybe it's the placebo effect, but I have never heard the bass sound as tight and powerful as it does now. Vocals are...
Carl - When the bass management is released, will it require the AP20 to be calibrated again or will the algorithm seamlessly accommodate the existing room measurements and settings?
Nope, nothing really fully automated like some of the mainstream units, but then you get what you pay for... You need an external computer/laptop for the unit to use for calculations (same as Anthem), plus a good microphone and mic pre-amp, which all together runs anywhere from $500 to $1500 depending on what you choose. Carl Huff can answer the specifics on channels and frequency response -- I wont get the free time to mess with my AP20 until the first week of August,...
I need some advice! So is it worth adding a lumagen video processor if I primarily watch blu rays? I currently have a JVC RS35, a 16 x 9 screen, but no anamorphic lens, and no 3D... Regular tv is at 1080i, so that would immediately benefit some by upscaling it to 1080p... I might go to CIH with a lens etc., but thats down the road. Would I see any immediate gains picture-wise?
Irule. Highly recommended. iruleathome.com
Hey Carl -- So you're saying macs are just better...? Uh oh. Let the fun begin
I'm a mac guy. Unfortunately I have to keep an old IBM PC running XP for situations like this
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