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My Sony 6200 bluray player only plays 1080p 3D at 24hz also. I can change it for 2D though to 60hz. It will play 3D at 720p 60hz though. I'm not sure it's a PowerDVD limitation as much as industry limitation. Have you tried play avchd 3D file at 60hz. I believe that works.
Traded my Sony 590 using Amazon's trade-n process. Then bought the Sony 6200 used from the Amazon Warehouse. Made sure it was described as complete with manual, batteries and very few scratches. There were quite a few available used and some had parts missing and big scratches, but they were all the same price. Anyway, my net price after trade-in was $99. The unit was as new and was probably a quick return from someone who decided to get another model. I did have some...
Thanks. The little 3D1 is quite amazing for it's size and price.
I see that PowerDVD14Ultra was just announced and will play HEVC/H.265. Which is supposed to have better quality and smaller file. Anyone here know about this? Any impact on 3D playback? I did not see any of the Video editing programs supporting this yet.
The Aiptek looks okay, but lacks the stabilization and resolution of the TD30. The TD30 is definitely better, though.
Wow, not much interest. I'm surprised. Here's one of mine from the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. Taken in July of 2012 by the Panasonic 3D1 pocket camera and processed in Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11. For those new to Youtube 3D, make sure you select 1080pHD, and 3D on in the settings wheel in the lower right of the display window, if you have that capability. You can chose Anaglyph, SBS, Interleaved, etc. in the Option menu when you click on the 3D ON within...
tom, I'm assuming you're thinking of creating a hosted website. Do you already have a host site that you are paying for? What software are you thinking of using? I don't mind doing some leg work to find software, etc. I've created websites in the past with ftp and all that stuff too. I'm already paying for hosting due to having a website for my novels, so that's a possibility. Perhaps this is a "build it and they will come" proposition...
I could watch the video as long as I switched my 3D monitor to sbs mode, but others with only anaglyph on their 2D monitors will appreciate that.
Interesting idea. There used to be a lot of 3D websites years ago. Today, only a few exist. It could be a nice way of sharing without constantly having to go through threads to find user images and videos. The problem is how do you administer the site? I've been through this before, and it can be a nightmare unless you keep a close eye on it. It will be filled with spam and crap. Not from the forum users here, but from the outside world trying to make a buck. Here are a...
I used to have an HD33, which had an excellent image, but switched to an Optoma 131xe for brightness, though, I miss some features of the HD33.
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