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Sorry. But I had already gotten pm's with inquiries about the av receivers and asking what else I had, so I thought I should make the list available here, too. I have too many categories of stuff to know where to post. Suggestions welcome (unless they involve stuffing stuff somewhere.) Randy
I'm dealer moving on to other pastures. I've got lots of stuff I am not taking with me. If interested in any or all, pm me. All tested and working except new items or as noted. Items with * means I haven't tested recently but will try to get to this week. All w/ remotes except as noted. Plus I'm sure I've forgot stuff! Speakers: 1 pr. Mission MS-50, NIB (New in box) 1 pr. Sonance (Sound Advance) SA2B invisible speakers, removed from install before they were ever used...
Thanks all for replies. And John, I do honestly thank you for the well intentioned reply, but unless I was listening with double blind testing and levels matched to within tenth of a dB, I wouldn't know if the one that sounded best to me was an artifact of prejudice, level difference, or other factors. I just wondered if some of these old beasts with transformers the size of a house had some advantage over the newer ones with more sound field choices. Thought it worth...
I thought there would be at least some debate re sound quality of older vs newer, integra vs denon, etc. Newer units have more decoding options, older have beefier amp sections and power supplies. No replies at all and now buried on third page. Pathetic.
I have amassed a collection of av receivers as clients have gone digital. Some only have component switching while one suffered a lightening hit which killed the hdmi. All are perfectly great for audio only uses. Here's the question: assuming video switched independently (by vid processor or display input switching), which unit has the best audio? Denon AVR 4800 Integra DTR-9.1 Onkyo TX-SR805 Denon AVR4306 Thanks Anyone interested in what I don't keep can PM...
We gained a few more inches so 'scope would increase width by a foot while 16:9 would lose 17". More acceptable? Client is famous (movies,TV) and real movie buff so I thought 'scope would be bigger deal. I wish I could convince him to do a little carpentry to widen box a foot! Randy
Looks like we can add a few inches to each side. 'Scope will be 120 x 51. So HDTV will be 90.5 x 51. Does this make it a better deal? Client is famous (movies, TV) and major movie buff, so I thought 'scope would be priority. Wish I could convince him to do a little carpentry and widen the box a foot! Randy
I posted this on the high end forum and the DIY, but this is probably best place and no responded on diy threads. My client has old runco 3-tube to be replaced by digital projector but has a screen size space restriction. Existing tab rensioned motorized roll-down 9' x 5' screen is in a ceiling box roughly 124" wide. I want to give scope screen with masking for 16x9 and anamorphic lens. Limitation of ceiling box has roughly 115" x 49" 2.35 screen w/ non-tab tensioned...
Thanks again. Thoughts on whether he should keep his 9' wide 16x9 or swap out for bigger scope screen but smaller 16:9 - since can't go bigger than existing box for screen? Randy
Thanks Jason. Are LED projectors (I assume single chip) better than rs35? What do you think of screen change dilemma? Randy
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