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My guess is those sat. tuners will not work with protected content such as Dish or DTV networks. There are devices like the Haapauape HD-DVR that connects to the sat. component outputs that would to the trick. The problem with that is you would be required to rent a box for every tuner you want. I had a set-up using SageTV for years that I'really enjoyed. Tomorrow I am switching to cable so I can lose my boxes.DRB
I found I could get the Echo @ $50 off each [if you buy 2]. That option appeals to me cause I would prefer quieter less power hungry device. However, I think I read it would not play files [DVDs] set-up in TS_Video folders. Is this true? Is there a way around it? If not, would the x-box play dvds ripped in this manner?ThanksDRB
Always good to hear from local people.Couple of reasons; #1 already have the SDHDPrime, and #2, I think only the Prime will allow me stream to smart tvs and other boxes [ie Roku]. This would eliminate some extender boxes.I wish I would have gotten the Ceton cause I know 3 tuners won't be enough. Right now I can get the Ceton for $249 and then get $80 off a echo if I want to do that. I would like the echo, just not at 179$.I may just play with the 3 tuners and decide later...
directv with Ethernet tuning worked great, I would hate to go back to the blaster, besides I want to keep cost down so I want to not have any boxes from TWC.I bought the HDPrime when it was $99 cause I knew I would eventually try the WMC route. I wish I got the 6 tuner Ceton. So can I mix the 6 tuner Ceton with the Prime for 9 tuners without headaches? I seen SilconDust was to release a new 6 tuner, am I better off waiting for that. My last resort would be to add another...
I lost another Sage extender so I guess it's time to make the move to WMC. If there are better options please let me know. I was on DTV with [2] HD-PVR all on a 15TB server with [3] HD[?] 200 Sage extenders. I really loved this set-up and had it in various forms for many years. Also now that I am going to WMC I am also switching to cable [TWC]. Since TWC flags their channels I guess SageTV is out. Is the Ceton Echo the only WMC extender? It seems to be an expensive way...
I was out of town for a couple a weeks so here is a update on my build. I had a ASRock H67M-ITX motherboard and that was the problem. I tested the MB with another PS and it worked so Stardog then had me return the case and he tested it and it was fine. I then RMA the H67 and luckly had to take a H68 because the 67 was out of stock. Put it back together and all worked great. A note on the ODD, after locating one with a left eject button the supplied button did not...
Should be slot load DRB
When I ordered the ASRock H67M-ITX/HT the Z68 was out of stock at Newegg. The H67 was DOA so I RMA'd back to egg and ordered the Z68 cause it was back in stock and I was a little afraid seeing how many of the H67 were DOA according to the reviews. As soon as I ordered the Z68 they went out of stock. The H67 seem like a good enough board or a HTPC if you are willing to take a chance on a DOA. DRB
I checked power connections. I had some problems with the Silverstone paste so I thouht maybe that could be it. I took the HSF off took a picture of it, will try to attach. Does it look OK? Should I put everthing back together? Do I have to clean and add more or can I reuse as is? If I clean what do I use? I am bummed about it not working. The good is that all seem to fix in the case nice. Only minor problem was that the USB just reached were it had togo.
Well I got everyhing together except the ODD so I decieded to give it a limited test drive. No luck, it powers on the HSF spins and then turns right off. Wait a second and it will do the same thing. I was just checking how quiet it was and if the power led would work [it did]. I had no montier hooked up. What do you think the problem might be? Thanks DRB
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