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Are you using a HD dish receiver? If so the stb will do this your you @ 1080i or 720p. I use the dish aspects to strech. I like partcal zoom to strech 4:3 to 16:9. DRB
Folder dose not exsit, the image file appear to be with the program file. I tried pointing FlickSilver there but nto no avil. DRB
I have verison 2.4, a very large collection [1000+] and the cover art is not getting picked up. Does the XML file need to reside in the same directory as Proflicer? DRB
This does not work with all verisons of DVD profiler.My XML file from profiler dose not have thumbnails and thier is no option to make XML file into 1 that contains all. I am not at home and not sure which verison I have. DRB
Some of the new Hauppauge PVR-1600's to QAM even tro it not listed. If you can get all the stations with the ant, I use one of the digital inputs with your cable. DRB
One more ? Can this tuner recieve both in the clear HD thru the QAM tuner and the anolog cable at the same time? I am using a montior only and the only other tuner I have is tru rhe computer. DRB
I am thinking of buying this tuner for use with my HTPC for the QAM capilities. Here are a few ?'s: The only way is use ant and cable is with a A/B switch? When using A/B switch it is not nesscarry to re-scan each time? If using for Qam channels, will the RF passthru on the tuner work to ger anolog cable to tv? Thanks DRB
Most companies will consider you a new customer after X amount of days. I just quit Dish, was going to go with a Direct-TV/Verizon package and TWC put together a great deal with a 1-year price guarrente. After the year is up, I'll look elsewhere for a new deal. DRB
I recently just dropped Dish. I also had a contract but told them I would pay just to be done with them. The canceltion fee is prorated, however it as been 2 plus months and Dish has yet to charge my CC the fee. My problems started with the hockey play-offs and having games black-out unless I got a higher package. The program package I had was over a hundred a month and I could do better with either Direct-TV or cable. They promoise I would miss no more games, just call...
Just got a new box and no more problems. DRB
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