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Maybe someone can help me out, pretty please. Just bought this tv a few weeks ago. I am pretty unimpressed with the picture but DH says its fine. It looks very flat. I have calibrated to a previous posters settings and still the same thing. Our HD isnt popping. KWIM? We have a 37" Vizio in the bedroom with amazing HD and its only 720p. We are trying to play Wii and of course Wii not being HD and all, I understand that part. But we did try a brand new set of NYKO...
We just bought this tv at Costco 3 days ago. We love the picture and the HD channels are very nice. We just have basic cable coax attached and I calibrated to Eddiez settings. Last night we were watching a show on the travel channel about beaches and the HD looked 3D. The problem I am having is the tuner doesnt seem to pick up all the normal HD stations. It will get Fox and NBC but not ABC or some others. We live in a rural area and our closest station is PHL or...
How do I get these hooked up?? TV Receiver Toshiba SD-H400 DVD/Tivo No cable box or satellite just regular cable line. I have component cables. I just cant get the TIVO to work. TIA
We have Comcast basic cable and want to keep cable for a little while, at least. I can get a Toshiba SD-H400 for 199.00-100.00(with few months plus service) rebate. Maybe use basic but would really want plus. $99.00 + 12.95 a month Replaytv 5504-refurbished---29.99 +12.95 month Comcast DVR (I would have to upgrade to digital cable) approx 14.00 + 9.95 month for service. I really need something easy to use (for DH ;) and my best value Give me all your...
Thanx for helping.:) 3 tv's to connect (with only 1 being HD), I am planning on buying Replaytv soon. We dont want the Movie channels like HBO, Showtime, etc. Also many people have told me you cant but Comcast says you can get HD with analog cable. Is that correct? What does Digital cable do other than offer you more channels, then? TIA
Actually we are thinking about satellite also but dont even know where to start on that one.
Heres the deal... I am desperate for advice. We have 53" panasonic HD ready tv. (which we love BTW) We have Comcast analog cable. I know the picture could be better. Now the questions Should we get Comcast Digital Cable for 12.95 month more OR get Comcast HD box that would just improve HD channels (50.00 installation + 5.00 month)??? TIA
We returned our Mits 55513 and went with the panny. Now I am researching the calibration disks and found two-AVIA and DVE? What do they do? Are they just instruction disks? Can you buy them in stores instead of online? TIA
thank you all for your advice and putting my fears at ease. Now where would I start to find out info on antenna's, cables, advice on what to do when they deliver this thing and the such?? TIA
We just bought this unit from Sears Saturday. We got what I thought was a great price-$630.00 less than BB. We were looking at the Hitachi 51s700 and the Sony 51ws550. The Sony was the cheapest then the Mits then the Hitachi. Now I am reading reviews on getting it professionally calibrated, problems with grey scale, burn in problems, etc that I think we have made a bad choice. Any advice? We watch dvd's, use basic comcast cable and hope to pick up few local channels HD...
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