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My SMX Pro-Line frame is in Atlanta... on it's way to Tennessee! I have a roll of SMX on the theater floor waiting for it. I will post pics on putting together the frame and screen after the frame arrives. I have started covering the panels on the soffits with the speaker cloth and I'm devising a way to securely mount the side surrounds at the correct down angle. I also secured a 40gb playstation 3 from Wal-Mart. They had a special giving a $100 gift card with...
What is the model of the projector mount that you attached to the stud? Do you have any pictures?
FYI... The fabric on the chairs is Avita Grenadine...on sale for 50% till Saturday at Jo-Ann etc.
Got most of my bulk wire at Home Controls They shipped fast and sent a good quality product.
Thanks! I may try to mount the bass shakers there. Actually when I ordered bass shakers... I think they sent me the wrong thing! Well, I do live in Tennessee near the lake :-) Seriously... I got the seats done. I stole retainer clips from the 3 unfinished chairs I have and was able to secure the fabric better. I am now happy with the result. Now I need to get the speaker fabric on the soffit openings and I also need to find the source for the faux wood vinyl for...
Is this the pic?
Street is getting a little faded... I may just paint the whole thing :-)
I'm not sure the way the seats are constructed that it will work...but the adhesive may fit in to a solution. BTW... when can we expect a new theater from you?
The seats are almost new...so they are as comfortable as going to a standard theater. I wanted the real theater feel to be available... so I decided on real theater seats for the rear row. I am either going to put Berklines or a home theater sofa in the front row for "extreme comfort" :-)
Great idea! Thanks! I will give it a shot.
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