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WOW! I actually have an update! Take that Logan! First off... I called Ruben today and ordered a 120" wide 16x9 Pro-Line frame for my SMX material. I should have the frame in a week or so. Ruben told me that someone duplicated his theater and posted pics on the original SandmanX thread....It is crazy... looks just like Ruben's theater so check it out :-) I finally started tackling the rear row of real theater seats. I bout some on Craigslist a while back even though...
Lookin Good! Very classy :-) Is that ice or glass in your second fridge? :-) Dude, What a mess! I hope you finally get one that works!
Joe, you are right :-) Well folks... I'm finally in the process of ordering my SMX frame... YAY!!!! and on another note... I had an experience almost running over a cat in my news car. Well I didn't ... but it made for a cute news story... here is the link: http://fox17.com/newsroom/top_stories/vid_1861.shtml My fiance really wants to adopt it... so I may have a new cat soon :-)
I run Adobe Audition. I don't do much music production so I don't need the keyboard (I do have one I hook up w/ MIDI once in a while). I mainly use the computer for voice-overs ...but I also do some sequencing for soundtracks. Programs like Cinescore have greatly reduced my need for a keyboard and Cakewalk. My mic boom is from an old radio station I used to work at...they moved locations and bought mostly new equipment. It works well...but I have to replace one of the...
Congrats Ruben! It is wild seeing all this success from a product birthed right here on AVS! You filled a niche and ran with it. Great job! I still need to order a 120" wide 16x9 frame for my SMX material. The theater is almost finished.
I agree with oman....but you have to have a thick skin! That Logan is brutal! Just be prepared... he will Logan you weather you like it or not!
I started 1-23-07 and "Cam's Cinema Begins" is still beginning! Even BigMouthInDC called me slow...if that is any indication :-( I believe one of his quotes was "Watching this thread is kind of like American Idol taking an hour to tell us who is going home." I'm now in the perpetual last stages like taking down the temporary bedsheet screen ,ordering a frame for my SMX, re-doing the fabric on my seats, etc. Actually the only thing I've done on that list is take down the...
Yay! The build is back!!!!!!!!! Glad you were able to solve your problem. Heard you had some high winds out there recently.... my uncle in SLC lost his greenhouse.
Not married yet :-)I have been busy with work and life! AARRG!Did get a chance to get a little more done... and I have actually edited a few projects in the edit bay.I still need to order an SMX frame for my SMX material... I'm getting tired of looking at the speakers that should be behind the screen :-)Anyway... here are some new pics.My fiance is finally getting into the room a bit... at least helping :-)Here is a view of the side... still need to add the wood laminate...
I'm moved in...and still trimming out wires etc. for the rest of the house. I have basic automation working and am slowly getting the edit bay online. I still need to order my SMX frame from Ruben. -Cam
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