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Do you have a front audio out on the computer to use?
HAI UPB scene controller supports i/r.
D-Nice How effective are the block, mosquito, and mpeg noise reduction modes? These modes are not available on the non-Elite.
Here is a link to the M$ Clear type tuner. It helps adjust how the fonts look. http://www.microsoft.com/typography/...ner/Step1.aspx
I think you have to clone the display to get it to work.
Raid 5 uses four hard drives. Three drives are possible, but there is no redundancy. You need the fourth drive for security.
I was wondering if anyone been doing any FPS on these. Is there any delay or smearing?
For glasses: plain plastic (CR39) with the anti-reflective coating (Zeiss) You should be able to use your regular spectacles all the time. myopia= "near-sighted" or blurry in distance presbyopia = "birthday syndrome" or trouble changing focus
2) Maybe you used to have TT configured to use windows browser instead of TT browser.
I thought that big theaters use a front center-left and center right effects channels to spread out the sound. For example, the presence channels of the Yamaho RxZ9.
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