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Thanks! We've got a movie night coming up this week so I'll give LPCM a try.Mark
While we're on the subject… I've noticed a very slight delay in the audio when using my Epson projector. The audio is slightly behind the video. There is no delay dialed into the settings of any of my devices. So, what I need to do is ADVANCE the audio a little bit. But neither my Blu-ray player or my AVR allow me to advance beyond 0, they can only be set to delay the audio. The projector is being fed from the AVR over a 30-foot long run of HDMI. If anything, you'd...
The purpose was to state the facts.3D hits all-time low2014 box office will be hurt by diminishing popularity of 3D moviesA dying format? Percentage of gross from 3D reaches new low3D films loosing their appeal as UK ticket sales slump by a third3D TV is dead3D TV faces uncertain futureWhy 3D TV went from CES darling to consumer rejectThere are many many more stories just like those. And those are all several months to years old. The situation is even worse today. ...
Yes, we'll get those about the same time we get affordable flying cars! Mark
If you invested in 3D technology for your home, I understand your frustration.Mark
3D isn't quite dead, but it's on life support and the funeral home is preparing to accept the body.Mark
A lower video encode bit rate means almost nothing for this title because so much of the image throughout the movie is black. And, every review I've read (by someone that actually has the Blu-ray in-hand) has given the image quality either 4.5 or 5 stars (out of 5). I'm not worried. If you want to see problems with a release, just watch 'All Is Lost' and watch for banding. UGH!! Mark
Yep, we readily noticed the banding on shots that panned from sky to sea or vice versa. Hard to believe it made it through quality control like that.Mark
One of the worst movies ever! Horrible, simply horrible! Mark
I purchased my HD-70FH96 in early 2006 and it's still going strong! I just ordered a new lamp for it (for local pickup at Discount-Merchant). It's a genuine Phillips lamp and it was $79.99. Amazing that the lamp prices are actually going down instead of up! This will be the fifth lamp in nearly 8 years. I never wait until the lamps blow out or for a lamp replacement warning to pop up. As soon as I notice the screen seems a bit too dim, I get a new lamp. I've got...
New Posts  All Forums: