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Quote: Originally Posted by Bob Fosse I've also tried a few High End power cords with my 151 but could not really see a difference. I've also tried the MIT Center, Audience Adept Response, Balanced Power Technology 3.5 Signature, and Monster power conditioners but could not see any perceivable improvement with the picture on my 151 either. However to my surprise both the PS Audio Power Plant Premier and now the PS Audio P5 power regenerators have...
Doug, thx for weighing in on this, much appreciated. What you mention here is an avenue I was considering. Using an i1LT perhaps, comparing the measurements from it to those just recorded during the pro-cal. Establish a "delta" between the measurements and use this delta as the reference baseline for future checks. Hope this makes sense... I realize this approach would still be susceptible to meter drift, but if I take some precautions with meter storage - double...
Having just subjected my 151FD to a professional ISF calibration, I'm looking for a DIY method to maintain the PQ. I assume it will involve some sort of basic home meter/calibration system. Has anyone been down this path? Suggestions, recommendations?
Jeff Meier (Accucal) visited my home today for a scheduled video/audio calibration. My HT room has some rather challenging acoustical features, so the audio calibration was equally important (if not a bit more) to me. In the video case, the 151FD looks damn good with just about any reasonable setting, but I was certainly anxious to view the calibrated ISF modes. Jeff arrived on time, hooked up his formidable array of calibration gear, and set forth to improve my HT...
The controls would have to somehow be built into the media server. I'm using Windows Media Player11 in media server configuration on my wireless network, with a Cisco wireless bridge on the 151. Works great but no controls that I can figure out.
All good advice re the antenna arrangement, however, it won't fix the 4.1 problem. I'm using an excellent channelmaster OTA antenna and it brings in 4.1 clearly on my old Tosh digital tuner. The 151 tuner sees 4.1 on the RF channel previewer but for some reason it doesn't show up during the channel scan.
I've had some discussion with Pioneer over this. You can see some threads about the 4.1 problem over in the Los Angeles OTA forum. The firmware update does not solve this problem, although it does make the digital tuner work better (mine wouldn't scan at all before the update). Last I talked to Pio (~2 wks ago) they were working the 4.1 issue and expected another firmware update to resolve it.
Another vote for Cloverfield audio. Truly amazing sound/surround presence, both the bridge scene and the street battle stand out. Was cool seeing the blue "HD Audio" readout on my Denon light up.
I've wondered about that...is it a matter of economics?
For the 9G owners in SOCAL having trouble with OTA KNBC digital 4.1, I spoke to Pio again today. They are now aware of the problem, believe it is unique to the 9G tuner, and said their engineering dept is working it. The rep anticipates a firmware update to correct it.
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