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Woah how time flies! Remember when we had our crises that Tech Support and Program Guide was going to end.... Moxi announced (in error) that it was going to ended both tech support and program guide http://www.zatznotfunny.com/2012-02/arris-to-cease-retail-moxi-dvr-service/ Well.. that date has come and gone... We are officially on borrowed time!
Buy the new bulb.. put it in right away when it is still under warranty. Keep the old bulb as the backup.That way if the new bulb breaks, then you can send it back and the old bulb keeps your tv alive.
Moxi portions update 
Chances are it is your router.. and your moxi not liking your router... do you have another router you can try? Do you have a direct connection to your router?
I seen this and it is because your signal is too low. Remove a couple of splitters and see if it helps
Well there is the problem... How do you know you have 3TB or 2TB space recognized by the Moxi? The Moxi certainly does not tell you whether you have a 3TB or 2TB install... nor does it tell you how many recording hours your device can hold ..In the linux world.. drives over 2TB must use GPT ... is Moxi using GPT... I doubt it.Chances are people only have 2TB of the 3TB useable.
Woah.. when did the replacement/repair fee go up? I think it was $129 ish?Chances are it is the HD. Most people who come here with various problems have their problems solved by replacing the harddrive.At a repair fee of $249. It is a no brainer to do it yourself....
Will there be support for drives greater than 2TB... in other words.. IS GPT (partition table) supported?Will there be any more software updates to the Moxi?
Yes, Moxi is still working. I think I am beyond the break even period. That being said... I dread the options available to us. Sure I can build a box but two things worry me.. one.. remote control like you say and then... fixing it..
It is all over.. the only options we have is Tivo
New Posts  All Forums: