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Quote: Originally Posted by zimdba not as easy if you don't know the length of the movie you're watching. Yeah, I can see where times longer than an hour might lead to real brain strain for some people, even though the Replay Guide always says how long a recording is. :eek:
Quote: Originally Posted by wrench Still getting the two seconds of blue screen between changing channels. From the copy of ReplayTV Advanced FAQ by PRMan (from AVSForum) (referenced here: IR blaster fine tuning) Quote: Response delay Puts up a black screen while doing the channel change so you don't see the blue "no video signal" screen. It is completely safe to monkey with this value, decreasing it to see more of your show or...
Take your pick.
Q1 03
I believe we can just file it under vaporware for now. Many hundreds, if not thousands of companies have been quilty of vaporware through the years. Some eventually come through with something real, many don't. Microsoft is just an easy target because it's big and has a track record. :D
Quote: Originally Posted by CuriousGT I chatted with a DNNA support guy on the phone Friday and he inidcated they stopped answering emails some time ago. What a great way to run a company - let's just stop responding to email but don't tell anybody.
Is it April 1st again?
Q1 03
ReplayTV stuck at swirl screen, (past "Please wait...")
Quote: Originally Posted by Scallica Is there a noticeable delay when using the remote? No, it's just like being in front of the box.
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