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^^^Never mind, figured it out. I was using a different playback device which supports 24 Hz playback, and my other player must have been forcing it up to 60 Hz. These glasses work at 60 (120 in stereo) but not on 24 Hz playback like the newer DLP Link glasses I have do (multiplied up to 144 Hz from 24 Hz content...)
I know this is an old topic, but if anyone using the 201 glasses knows what might be causing me trouble (or has a manual for this now discontinued model), please let me know! I have a pair of these, rarely used, but I went to give them a try today. Put the movie on SBS mode, enabled 3D-DLP link in my Optoma projector, and hit the glasses' on button. Saw a quick flash of the shutters and then nothing. When I hit power button I notice it flashes red twice, then goes out....
Yeah waiting for a higher res dev kit or production Rift is the main reason why I am not as into my triple 720p projector setup work that is yet to be done. Was just curious about the 6) 1080p projector if one wanted the ultimate. Anyway, I think the Rift shows great promise especially for what I'm into (racing simulation.)
I think this was the Geobox I read would support 3D Vision:Wondering if it could emulate a desktop 120Hz Nvidia 3D SURROUND approved monitor, for example, it would allow triple passive as about the only way to get 5k x1080 res larger than triple 27" desktop 3D monitors. Nvidia for example does not allow triple 3DTVs, and all the 3D Vision approved projectors I'm aware of work in surround 3x1, but only are native 720p each.
Is anyone aware if there is any way yet to put together a 6 projector, passive 3D rig at triple 1080p (5760x1080) and make it work with Nvidia 3D Vision Surround? I know there was discussion of one of the new Chinese-mad demuxer boxes that may have Nvidia certification? Anyone know if a triple rig can work in 3D Vision Surround with these please let me know.
This is a 3D discussion. 1080p at stereoscopic 3D is roughly twice as hard on the GPU(s) as 2D. So do you have any real world experience running stereoscopic in 1080p, let alone 4k? The points were being made about 4k and 1080p in stereoscopic 3d (some each frame needs to be rendered twice in real time, for left eye and right eye view. Without that factor it's a totally different ballpark...
Heard a great new way to look at black levels the other day. Turn off your projector. Set the room lights how they are when you typically watch. Look at your screen (or wall, or whatever you project onto.) See that color? That is black. Or at least as black as you can get with any given setup. Remember (and you probably already know this, but in case anyone doesn't), projectors can't project black. The best you can hope to achieve with any projector, even $50k+ ones, is as...
I have my dynamic black set to medium I believe and it looks good to me on top of the other settings I posted earlier.
Never tried the HD72, but I was using the very popular (good value with nice video performance) Acer 720p DLP (HR5360 is the model I believe?) Anyway, I thought I was happy with that until I kept getting shutdowns and a Fan Fail error message caused me to look into replacing instead of repairing. I have another same Acer in another location so I'll use the fan fail unit as a spare lamp (or other parts if necessary) donor in the future. Anyway, this Optoma KILLS it in...
Yeah they were not my figures, these were the first post in the other forum, the "best settings by reviewer" one. Look good to me for an initial try! Again for the older non "e" projector so maybe there are changes more suited to our models, but this was a good starting point for my install. Using a gray high contrast screen material, BTW.
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