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7 glorious channels of HD programming here in Charlotte, NC. I am watching not hanging on every post to try and find satisfaction with my investment in HD. Thanks for those that actually have lives and posted as such.
This may not be news to all...but it was good news to me.
I just spoke with the head engineer at my local ABC affliate in Charlotte. He stated, "Monday Night Football will return to HD in 2003".
Has anyone contacted ABC about the audio sync problem on the HD channel?
Charlotte Time Warner HDTV Channels HBO-HD east & west Showtime HD east & west CBS PBS NBC With ABC and FOX supposedly on the way
As long as you understand how your amp and your TV handle the signals everything will be fine. I have written to the staff at TWC to explain the all of the things that went great and the lack of understanding about audio signals by their installer. I am actually on the Gastonia system so that made my wait only about a week, after I spoke to the correct person. The SA200hd has composite digital out and analog (rca) outputs. I cannot undestand the need to split...
Awesome! 7 Channels Awesome! PBS- The loop is absolutely awesome, the video based source makes anything else look like vhs. At 8:00pm there was a concert of carols, it was nothing short of breathtaking the picture was extremely clear and the sound was superb. HBO- 1080 from movies shot from a film source can not compare at all with video sources. With that said the newer releases that were on were better than 480p DVD sources but only by a small margin. The...
I have spoken to Phillip and "got on the list" I was quoted 60 days as a wait time. I was alos told there were 200 people on the list. I have only been waiting a week or so.
I am waiting for my HDTV install from TW, curious if anyone else already has the service and how well it works?
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