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And mine keeps rolling along, averaging ~4 hours/day of use. I sometimes find myself hoping it will die so I can get something lower power, and quieter. Something that supports 1080p, even though I really don't need that in this room. OTOH, I dread removing it from its 4' high perch on a chest of drawers I had custom made to support its weight.
Yes. You should be fine.
Does the room reflect a lot of light? If not, and with total light control, higher gain is nice, but with a light colored room reflecting light back at the screen grey reduces that. I use a Stewart Grayhawk w/ my Z3000 and it works great!
We are not tech support. Call Canon.
Don't know about the Harmony, but my MX-800 has discretes for each output (main, sub, analog) along with a command that cycles through them. I use them in macros for my kitchen TV and my projector. Contact Logitech and ask them to add support for these if they don't have it already. I hear they're good about adding stuff to their database.
I had the same problem recently. I was in a hurry at the time, so I finished the Audyssey stuff and setup my sub by hand. A month later, my DSP 1st died completely. I'm now waiting for my third 9.9 (my first stopped passing HDMI video). Coincidence? Maybe, but I suggest returning it now.
I recently returned for replacement a 6 month old DHC 9.9. It had failed in the video path, not sending any video on the HDMI outputs. Now one month after installing the replacement unit, when I turned it on last night I got no audio on the main outs. I still get zones 2 & 3 audio, and main video, but no audio, either sub or my seven XLR outs. After messing around with switching inputs, menus, speaker calibration, etc., for about 15 minutes, it suddenly came on. I...
Can you think of any more ways to misspell nVidia?
Yes, via composite. Ummm, *you're* my dealer! I plan to call you tomorrow.
Yes, and also changed outputs via my remote, using both cycling and discrete commands. Neither main out nor sub out pass video.
New Posts  All Forums: