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gohd, this is incorrect. DirecTV has east and west coast HD feeds of the big 4 networks, and customers in OaO areas can get them. This includes us LA folks, and the west coast feed is the LA stations anyway. They are in the 80's or 90's, IIRC.
If you are satisfied with 2-1, 4-1, 7-1 and 11-1 only, then satellite is almost as good as OTA. The signals are a bit more compressed on the sat than they are OTA. On the other hand, if you want 4-2, 7-2, or 7-3, or any other station such as 5-1, 13-1 or 28-1, you need an antenna. You may find a silver sensor perfectly adequate. I recommend this for at least 28-1, which has some wonderful content.
(Especially in the bad old days,) some DVD players couldn't stretch anamorphically-compressed material. It was up to the display to correct for that.
Oh, I'm sure the observatory boys on Mt. Palomar would just *love* powerful RF transmitters near their sensitive equipment!
The Jedi Bride? What a strange juxtaposition! Methinks Prehjan has been smoking something strong, yeah unto oblivion! A keyboard and a wasted mind are a terrible thing to mix!
Thanks from me too, KABC. BobHuntsman, please tell your bosses that they just won another convert from NBC 11:00 news. Keep up the good work!
Yeah, what GetGray said!
there are loads of TV programs on DVD in 4:3.
I too came from a Bravo D2, and miss the automatic anamorphic compression compensation. Also, I find using the term "squeeze" to be misleading, since most displays use "normal" and "fill", or "panel" and "full", or some such. Given that widescreen data is anamorphically compressed, the 4:3 mode should be "off", and 16:9 should be "expanded", "full", or "wide". In any case, it should be automatic with manual overrides.
Are you sure they're not using the satellite feed of LA HD stations and just *think* they are getting them OTA? Or perhaps the questioner wasn't clear enough and didn't state OTA. "Are you getting LA locals?" "No problem!" (Meaning, I get the 4 networks on the satellite and never tried anything else.)
New Posts  All Forums: