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or use a lot of filters.milt
and a pair of sylsens for the indicator to tell directions. milt
used a prop pitch motor as an antenna rotor. milt
i am in walnut creek (rossmoor) on comcast. watched jepordy 12-13- 2013 and did not see any problem at the beginning of show. milt
i have a Compaq computer monitor that has speakers in it. milt
Ikea has a lot of cabinets milt
try consummer reports milt9
I am in walnut creek on comcast. . ch 54 is on ch 710 hd. has been on for several months.milt
TVGOS was developed by Starsight then sold milt
I have a 8350 with under 200 hours on it.am on 1st bulb. the service menu shows 0milt
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