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You might want to post on the Official D2 D2v ARC Tweaking Guide. You will get more response. Right now it's on pg. 2 of this forum.
Thanks for saving me some $$$. I'm looking for a reason to get an Xbox 1 but so far the games aren't there. I thought Tomb Raider might be a place to start at. I've already played thru the game on the 360 so I don't see the need to invest for 20% better graphics.
Is this version for the Xbox One the same game that was released for the 360?
Try using the PLxx mode. Where's Bob when you need him?
I'm not sure if the Receiver has connections for the turntable. You might have to purchase a separate turntable amp and connect it to the Aux. on the receiver. Then the turntable is connected to the tt amp.
I use an Anthem D2v with ATI amps. Sounds great. On a side note Eric sent me 8 speaker spikes. I'm not sure why, I never requested any and I rec'd them with my speakers almost a year ago.
I have an older BP2000 center channel speaker that never did sound quite right. After owning it for a few years I thought I'd check inside to see what was up. I found both pos. & neg. wires for the tweeter neatly placed at the back of the speaker. I sent Chet at Def. Tech. an e-mail asking which colored wire went where. After he replied I hooked them up and it was like I had a new speaker.
I suppose it was mainly the 20 mile long runway that was the last straw.
Watched this last night and I gotta say, this is one of the dumbest movies I've seen this year. Shut your brains off and get the popcorn for this one. I thought the airport runway at the end must have been 20 miles long. I thought it would never end.
I couldn't believe it but today I rec'd the Tekton nameplates. Eric finally came through. They are small stick on labels but it's better than nothing. Ken
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