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Do you have pictures? What is local for you? I had a pair of these once in Bird's Eye Maple and was forced to sell them and have regretted it ever since.
But this is impossible if you are using all the other inputs, right? There are 8 inputs and I have 7 devices/functions already connected: a TV (for streaming Internet content via Ethernet), cable box, Xbox, PS3, analog SACD, digital CD, and Tuner. That's 7. The only free input I have is the IPod one, yet that one does not appear to allow you to reassign it to one of the analog inputs. Am I mistaken about that?
Totally stupid question from an MRX 300 owner of about 3 months. Is the IPod input exclusive to the hopefully forthcoming dock, or can you assign one of the analog inputs to allow you to connect an Ipod in analog fashion via one of these? I don't think the latter option exists. Am I wrong?
One more quick question for you guys. The AVM-20 had a configuration that allowed you to set a max volume, so that no matter what you did, the volume wouldn't go past, say, -20. This was a great feature if you had little kids who love to play with remotes because of all the pretty colors. I don't seem to see this feature in any of the MRX's setup menus. Does it exist? I'd be bummed if Anthem chose to remove it. Thanks again.
OK, With the wife and kid out of town for the weekend, I decided to re-run ARC today with the sub turned up to 50% whereas previously I had it at about 35% when I first ran ARC. Also, instead of having the microphone positioned in front of my couch, I actually put in right on the cushion where I normally would be sitting and put the mic in the spot right where my head would reside, typically. I was trying to get the most accurate reading possible. Here are my new...
For those who asked, here are my graphs.  
When I first tried to calibrate by hand using the Radio Shack SPL meter, I was getting readings that were 10 db higher for my sub than the other speakers. I had my sub (a Martin Logan Depth) at about 50% output, and I had to turn it down to about 25% just to equalize the speaker levels. Then when I ran ARC, the software actually told me the sub level was too low to register a reading, so I put it back up to about 40%, which is where it's currently residing. Typically,...
I will post these tonight. I actually uninstalled ARC after running it as I had to install it on my work computer in order to get it to run and I didn't want work to catch "unauthorized" software on my work laptop (my home is all MAC, and I don't run Parallels or Bootcamp). However, after deleting the software, I can no longer open the .ARC file to screen print it and post it here, so graphs and target windows will have to wait. The speaker level calibrations as set by...
Another dumb question. Did you guys convert the .ARC file to a JPEG or GIF so that you could upload it here? I can't seem to figure out how to post my graphs.
Thanks for the response! 1) Yes, I inputted the speaker distance into the Anthem before running ARC. 2 & 3) I measured as the diagram suggested in the owners manual. I had the microphone pointed straight up and it was approximately at head height when I ran the calibration. I didn't use a "diamond", but it was more like the shape of a smile across my listening field. I haven't tested the surround dominance on a movie yet. But it is accentuated when playing video games...
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