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Is it too late to get Phillips to swap? I bought a 985 the second month it came out - after three months of 'disc error' messages I put it up the attic. Can the bugs just be repaired?
P.S. I spoke too soon - it will not play pre-recorded DVD's - a blue screen displays "This disc may not be played in your region"
I recieved my DVD LX-9 three days ago. I was playing a DVD-RW (despite no mention of it in the manual the LX9 plays -RW, +R, and +RW discs). About an hour into the DVD, the machine stopped. Now, it displays "ERROR" and "F897" in white-text overlay (same as the Picture Mode display); and on the blue screen with the DVD logo, there is a rectangle at the bottom of the screen stating "No [sic] Initialized!" It will still play +R and +RW's, and pre-recorded DVD's , but no...
JEFFREYE - You found the rarest of all creatures in Houston - a helpful customer service rep. How do we write, phone, or fax her about our out-of-warranty 985's ? DS
Recent threads have been singing the praises of this unit and Bravo D1. The Momitsu doesn't require expensive SDI-VGA converter, but discoloration reported at picture edge with some PJ's. Has anyone tried this unit with a G11/15?
Tryg - I was speaking functionally, but no literally - it was calibrated at MVS in Virginia but not a great job. Dark, low-contrast scenes in movies are solarized. I have tried DILARD numerous times over the past year; best contrast ratio was 330:1. The room is also dual-use, and cannot be blacked out for early evening showings.
Thanks, all, for your comments. By the way, I am not the type who reads AVS forum daily and feels inferior when someone describes the latest and greatest projector. I check the forum every two weeks or so, and I am happy to have a theater that my family and I can enjoy together. I've been happy with my non-calibrated G11 for the past two years - I will be thrilled with my MD-1. Thanks again.
I've been waiting for two years for my chance to get a G15, and I placed an order with Jason for the Madrigal B-stock units one week ago - I ordered a William Phelps calibration as well. I just learned this evening about the SX-21. From the spec's I reviewed, its pluses are size, noise, lamp life and replacement cost, easy keystone correction. The few extra lines of resolution don't matter. I have a feeling that the bulb will yield a less pleasing image than G-series...
MrWilson - is the the Prospec video editor you referenced above truly a digital-digital transfer? Is this possible through S-video connections (which are all it has)? David S.
Link below is to a Digital Standard Converter box, costs 79 UK. Strips Macrovision & CGMS, and you can also convert PAL and SECAM to NTSC (two models - request the NTSC out or the PAL out). Cons - not a digital-digital transfer. Need to buy your own power supply (it's AC, not DC!) Pros - easy, not terribly expensive. All you need are two S-Video cables. I take the DVD's I buy for the kids, and put the original away - instead of obsessing over the way eight-year-olds...
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