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soon to be a 8ft WIDE 16X9 using a 9" marquee infact I am finaly cleaning out the basment so I can start construction :D ART: that is one heck of a road trip.... if you want you can count me in :) BTW it looks like you got the UPGRADE bug eh ??
sorry...... was way swamped all weekend........ didnt forget about you I didnt have a digi cam but I just finaly ordered one fuji s602z so I will be able to post/email you a pic tomarow tue after I get the camera. Kevin
I got a RACAL - ????? rack I just pulled out of my house and put in the garage.... it is a big monster but it does have 2 pull out shelves and a few fixed shelves long with a monster power strip ..... if you are interested msg me ..... it will go cheap and I am not that far from you ....dearborn area Kevin
I wonder if there are any houses on brucers street that I could rent then change the address with brucers .... that way the speakers get delivered to me !!!!!:D got to get my speaker fix some how since scott has my rockets ...... looks like I cant get my livingroom floors refinished till 2nd week of dec so you can keep them till then scott...... just no black spray paint !! Kevin Mark any pics of the other watches ? especially the CRONO ?
I am no expert .... dont even have my marquee mounted yet or a real screen but I have done alot of reading. the gray around the edge might be just a raster and gray scale adjustment. dont know just a guess as far as the shut down with the 75hz input....... I am not sure but I know at a certian input freq that the tubes change windings and this will cause things to change. this is why it is recomended that you set raster up initaily with the highest scan rate that...
just think how much better those cables could be if they put some RedLine water wetter in them too.....
Quote: Originally posted by scervin I agree to have the logos supplied in the packet and not on the grill. I for one was gonna ask what type of adhesive was on it to determine if I could take them off. Hoping to order my Rockets today or tomorrow. IT WILL BE BY THE END OF THE WEEK!!! :) Just ordered my SVS! SC just dont go experimenting on MY speakers !!! :D kevin
and that was uphill in 2 ft of snow in both directions !!!! just had to throw that one out, just heard that they are calling for flurries for friday.... if we get any it will be the first of the year....... and I was just on my roof mounting my HD dish in a tee shirt on sat .... got to love michigan. Kevin Quote: Originally posted by rt297 It's about time someone spoke up. The Rockets today are spoiled. I remember when my Rockets had to walk 5...
hummmm ......didnt even know they were working on one:) and since a friend is a dealer I will have to check into it. BTW the 2ch stuff is awsome :D
you might want to also consider the ROCKETS. go over to the Hi-Fi section of the forum and start reading on them. warning there is like 80+ pages on the rockets. for 2100 + shipping you can get a complete package and then have money for a good sub. If I remember there are a few people in the SanFran area that have a set or you could go to www.audioenvy.com and request an audition. I would let you come over and listen to mine but its a bit of a drive :D I...
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