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MS is retiring Media Center because they realize the battle for putting a pc in the living room is lost. Instead, they are going to bring a new console next year with more media center functionality. They have the top selling console and will have better market share this way. Look up the Xbox 720 MS slides from 2010. They have been planning this for years.
Just buy a 50ft Monoprice cable and be done with it. Im using 2 50ft Monoprice HDMI cables @1080p and have no issues, although I did have some issues with the first cables (non Monoprice) but none with the ones from Monoprice.
OMG you must give me the answers I need NOW!!!!! Really, just try reading the titles of the first few pages of threads and read the ones that sound like they are related. You can also check out http://www.swhowto.com/index.htm , but do some research for yourself. We are happy to help here, but we aren't your workers. You have to do some of the legwork. Google and the AVS forum search are your friend.
I have 2 50Ft HDMI Cables from Monoprice and they work great!
Have you ever ran a business? Everything is marked up to account for other business expenses. They have to pay for advertising, and IT dept, research, packaging, designers, system builders, accountant, etc. Every business marks things up at a high rate. It is very common for furniture, jewelry, and electronics to be marked up at least 100%. Furniture and Jewelry are commonly marked up 200% or more. Yes, it sucks that we cant build a cable card system ourselves, but...
Why not order HDMI cables from monoprice and run them to your TV locations. CAT5 with HDMI baluns would work also, but would end up costing more.
That wouldnt be a problem at all, i thought you were going to be putting them outside in the weather.
Are you referring to a RS-232 port?
Very! The speakers are not meant to be used outdoors. Get yourself a good outdoor speaker or prepare to replace your speakers yearly.
Doesnt matter, you need to get an amp that goes to 11. While everyone else is maxed out at 10, when you need that extra push over the cliff. You can turn it to 11!
New Posts  All Forums: