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I'll try to find it tomorrow. As much as my wife likes to throw stuff away that isn't the kind of thing she would trash. PM me your address and I'll send it to you.
I should have one around here somewhere. Where are you located?
My unit blew out two solder connections on the power supply. Over the last two weeks it would shut down about once a day and would require unplugging/plugging in the power to get it come back on. Finally, it went out completely with no standby light. Today I finally got around to taking it down off the wall and pulling the back panel. Pulled the power supply board and there were two obvious joints where the solder had melted away. They are about an inch over from...
Yep, it is gone. My wife will be soooo happy. She absolutely hated tripping over the large box the Runco was in. I abhorred the idea of throwing away a projector with three white tubes. I'll leave it up to the guy who picked it up to identify himself, but he said he was going to try getting one up for a buddy of his, so the good karma now belongs to him. And dude, I just have to say it, you are one handsome man.
I believe they are spoken for.
I will also include two 25' VGA (DB15) to 5 BNC cables with the projectors as well as a component to VGA adapter.
I am offering for free (local pickup required) an NEC 6PG and an NEC 6PG+ (Runco badging) for parts. The NEC 6PG has many, many hours with toasty tubes. I have put at least 20K hours on it in the last 10 years. It powers up, but then the green will flicker and bloom and the display will cut out even though the fans continue to run. The NEC 6PG+ has very few hours with near pristine tubes. However, it will no longer power on. For a short period of time it would power...
10 years ago I bought an NEC 6PG hoping to get a couple of years use out of it. Except for having to replace one board (can't remember which) about 5 years ago, it has been a great reliable projector that sometimes ran for days at a time. This projector now has an ungodly number of hours on it and the tubes are toasty brown. Best $1100 I ever spent. About three years ago I picked up a Runco 900a (NEC 6PG+) with pristine tubes, tested it, and packed it away in its box...
Could it be a problem with the backlight? Have you tried shining a flashlight on the screen to see if anything is visible?
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