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I'd love for them address the corruption within the government on this side of the border and expose how corporations can be at the very least complicit to the drug trade. to quote Ray from Traffic, "I have actually dreamed about this, about busting the top people, the rich people, WHITE people!"
Mike hasn't come back from Mexico, Jessie may learn some truths about Walt and Hank may also.
KDAF The 33 News was in HD tonight. according to Wikipedia they began broadcasting last saturday on May 22nd.
i have E* (dish network) in Grand Prairie for a number of years. For me E* was superior to Time Warner in PQ, HD Lineup and DVR. I came close to switching to AT&T U-Verse but I'm two house too far down the street and thus SOL since they don't do fiber to the home. I visited a neighbor during the superbowl and PQ was atrocious, the macroblocking was insane.
"must be the high definition" what was he talking about. in HD on AFN?
So, Is Michael Schumacher The Stig? http://jalopnik.com/5294802/the-stig...ael-schumacher on June 21'st his identity is reviled on Top Gear
originally i had a old tv in the bedroom so this was not an issue however since Christmas I've upgraded. how far does your cable have to run and was it cheaper to do hdmi vs. component? I've been meaning to look into what type of expenses i would incur. if i replace the 3 other sdtv's in the house with hd i will get killed on renting extra hd boxes. thx
i called today because they were red on my guide and they sent me to technical support who added all the channels. I have American's Everything and Platinum. Now that Speed and FX are here I'm looking to downgrade asap. When you go to the HD Only turbo packages I'm guessing you lose the non-hd news channels like msnbc?
i could have sworn we got close to all day coverage of R1 & R2 when it was on USA.
screw Viacom where is Speed and FX? I thought this was ago after FoxNews and FBN went live
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