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Our roller screens do not last as long as fixed frame screens but 10 years plus is quite common and sometimes quite a bit longer. We took in a screen from 1986 the other day still looked pretty good. The more they are left deployed the better. There may be a thermal interaction happening sometimes. If the room is pretty warm and the screen gets rolled up while warm, then the tube up in the ceiling is colder in proximity to a cold roof etc., as the fabric cools it will...
As the fabric has aged, it's gained memory for the retracted position. Additional deployment is the only answer, and when it's warmer in the room it will flatten more rapidly.
Just exercise the screen more. Leave it down over night after use etc. The more the screen is deployed off the roller tube, the better it will look, flatter etc.The screen material wants to be flat, was made flat, and we put it on a tube. The tabs make those undulating impressions on the sides. So use the screen more and it will look better.For the last poster who inquired about Tiburon, it's more like Grayhawk RS, not like Firehawk at all. It is more aimed at...
Sabre frames are available in all Stewart front projection fabrics.
Hello, How are the side cords doing in terms of tension? They should be snug, but not overly tight. For the side which is higher, try loosening that side cord a bit. Cheers!
The screen in the Ebay auction is from 2003. So ten years old.
Your amps are gorgeous Glimmie! Do you know Steve Fryette?www.sfdamp.com ? He's here in the southland and builds a lot of guitar amplifiers using the KT-88, he might be able to steer you to a more robust source. You probably know the ARS folks, they sort pretty well and are local. Hate to see you give up on the bottles. I have a pair of monoblocks that my deceased father in law built in the sixties. They have 6l6 complements. Pretty lucious sound with a turntable in...
Hey Peter, "horses for courses" is my way of saying that the aspect ratio specified by Imax is tailored to the way they handle films in post production and they way they wish to execute immersion for the viewer. A ratio is a ratio, it's really all about where the viewer is located in proximity to the screen. I do not think these theatres will be using disc media sources. My belief is that "compound curve" as used in this description is not the "compound curve" we speak of...
You gentlemen are getting hung up on a minor semantic thing. Imax has always followed their own model for screen size, proximity, angle of projection, and degree of audience envelopment. I do not think us tweakers here on AVS forum are the intended viewers for that promotional piece. There's no here, here, no smoking gun. It's horses for courses, either you want one or you do not. I'm technical, in the industry and utterly comfortable with what Mr. Foster says.
Hello, Let's avoid the "Fantastic" cleaner, since the percentage of alcohol is not stated. The Simple Green Clear is fine to use, the alchohol percentage is very low. Simple Green Original is fine to use as well, but we recommend a thorough followup with distilled water, a good idea with any cleaner actually. Thanks for the research info!! Mark Robinson
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