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I take a reading but didn't save it. Actually it didn't change a lot. Just an higher level of blue, but not so much. With previous calibration the after reading was showing the RGB values approx. on the same level for various ire values, with reater differences between 90/100 ire. But the white on screen was between pink and red. Now there are greater differences between values but i've managed to get rid of that pinkish dominant even if the "warm" color temp give me a a...
Well, i've managed to obtain a good calibration with autocal on Jvc X7 vpr. Here's the tweaks i've used: 1 - Probe reading directly from the lens, diffuser on, approx. 3 meters distance in horizontal axis. 2 - I've lowered the color temp on vpr to the minum (5500). 3 - I've created a custom gamma on the vpr rasing a bit the red values and lowering the blue from 80 to 100 ire. After the calibration has ended i've reverted to 6500k and standard (linear) gamma on the vpr....
Sorry gamma 1.22 was a typo, i mean 2.22. Reading off the lens: what is the reccomended distance? Can i put the probe a bit off or does it needs to be perfectly horizontal with the vpr lens? Thanks again, Luigi
Ok Guys, i REALLY need some input to help me with my Jvc X7+ Black Diamond Screen calibration. I'm using Radiance XS and chromapure updated to 125 points and Display 3 pro probe. Everything is on latest firmware/revision etc. I've calibrated my Kuro plasma with autocal in a breeze: much improved colors and slightly improved gamma (gamma was near perfect from the beginning). With my vpr i can't get a decent piucture out of autocal. The final result is always "too red" or...
I have a strange issue: Kris Kristofferson disappeared from Maestro Web interface. I have many albums of KK ripped into the Olive 4HD and if i do a song/album/artist search they come up. But in the alphabetical Maestro page, Kris Kristofferson is just gone. I wonder if someone else disappeared this way, i think i'll found out while checking in the future for some artist.
Updated succesfully, not sure what it does but it goes well. I've also resolved the Bitstream/PCM output: the answer was in the MODE button on the remote
While checking various settings in the player i've hitted the check firmware button and there's a 98(!)minutes firmware update. Downloading right now.
I have a new strange ssue. After having back the clock control light the audio stream sent to the preamplifier is still MULTI CH PCM, no matter what the encoding on disc is. The player output PCM only and not the original bitstream. I really don't know where to look: i've set Denon Link 4th and that should do. On the AVP audio digital is set to AUTO and Denon Link. Any suggestion? Thanks
I wrote "seems to be" not an assurance, but an assumption.
Well, maybe is not! I've finally resolved the clock control led light not showing. After (too) many tries, hit and miss etc. i've changed the HDMI "control monitor" on the AVP preamplifier from monitor 1 to 2 et ... voilĂ ! The light came back! Since i didn't change or touched anything on the AVP i'm still wondering what have caused the value to change by itself. Just for the record: i have both "HDMI Monitor out" outputs on the AVP-A1HD connected, one to the vpr the other...
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