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Anyone use a CIR like the Asrock Smart Remote and Receiver combo with irule? I want to be able to start up from cold my pc and fully shut it down.
Does anyone know if a Nest thermostat can be controlled with irule? I want to upgrade my current thermostat to something that I can send a command via irule to turn my furnace fan on and say run it for 10 minutes.
I can't seem to get dts-hd working with my new R7 260X. Anyone else having problems with this card and TMT 5? Looks like TMT 6 was/is having the same issue. A updated ASSoundDetect.dll appears to be the solution. As I don't want to upgrade to TMT 6 I will try and download a trial version and see if I can use that .dll Yep worked perfectly. This should work then for anyone else upgrading to a new video card.
Here is a reply back to an email I sent asking about building a box to be used with irule. I figure you would all enjoy reading it. Can't wait to hear your thoughts. Hello: Here are some ideas about a solid state switching box. You may post any or all of these pictures on the blog, if you wish. If I had to do it, the objective would be to keep it super simple, but make it super rugged. These photos are just ideas. It is easy for each one of your bloggers to...
I think this is an awesome idea and would love a chance to grab a copy. What a great way to show off 3D to friends and family.
Anyone have any suggestions for IP controlled power outlets? I have 4 pro-audio amplifiers, each with their own circuit, that I would like to be able to turn off and on with irule. Two of the outlets need to be 20amp. I'm wondering if anyone sells something before I go and try and build something.
Sorry carriage returns is the term I should have used.
The codes in the database appear to be wrong. Anyone have any tricks for getting the UMC-200 working with irule? If it helps anyone I used the pronto hex codes from the Emotiva site, copied them into notepad to remove any spaces, then created my own commands under the pronto hex code section.
Thanks for the info guys. Im in the US now but have to fly back to Canada Saturday so i would like to order some oft he specialty parts now via amazon prime. http://www.globalcache.com/products/itach/ip2ccspecs/ Im going to use that to trigger the relays. I would like to be able to trigger multiple relays with one output (2 ep2500 from one) if...
What a great thread! I currently have 2 ep2500 (each with their own 20a circuit), a samson s1000 with its own 15amp and a buttkicker bka1000 amp on its own 15amp. I would like to build some boxes to power on the sub amps with my umc-200. I would like to be able to power on the buttkicker amp by ir if possible. Sometimes i like them on other times not and since im moving to an irule setup I would like the option of turning them off or on by remote. I also have a smart...
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