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It's been a while since I posted a serious note here at AVS. I have been an HA enthusiast for many years and have been around the block a few times. I also have a biding interest in Color Theory and its various manifestations. I lost interest, though, for several years, only to be really amazed by some of the new developments. My interests have been really piqued by the Philips Hue lighting system. It's been years since I had this much fun! As many of you are aware, these...
I've got two HDTVs and a Projector connected to the AVR thru a 1 by 4 splitter. One of these splits is connected to an HDBaseT Extender for a long run. Video is working fine but get no sound at the two remote TVs. Can someone suggest an HDMI setting on the Denon to resolve this problem?
if you can see an image at all, the lasers as good as new. I see no way they can't be defective and still lase. the DMD, though, can fail like any other DL based TV. As, such, it's w known ow to buy and relace these DMDs. As for me, I have one ofthe first Laservues sold in the US and have not yet had any problems what so ever. Wear and tear includes daily use and a cross country move from CA to GA.
Thanks AV_Integrated, for your helpful comments on my query.
In posing my initial query, I was hoping that there might be an installer present who might have been forced to use a legacy install. This, because most prewired residences of early 2000 vintage have been wired with mere Cat 5 cable. Often, it is not feasible to replace such cables in existing homes. Still, some users, like myself, might dream of deploying an HDBaseT Switch for centralized distribution of relatively short run HDMI data runs. I understand that networks such...
Say more about the crap shoot. Might it work at 1080P and 100' or less?
My cable is Cat 5. This home was built in 2005 and wired at that time. I think it was prior to the onslaught of Cat53. I do have a Time Domain Reflectometer and have been able to measure the lengths of my cable runs. Since my existing displays all max out at 1080P, I was hoping that at least for signals of that sort or less, my Cat5 my be enough. Your thoughts please..
I have a legacy install in my preexisting home. It's fully wired for networking but all the cables are Cat5. Can this be made to work with HDBaseT? If so, what are the length/bandwidth limits? Has anyone tried this? My own maximum cable lengths are ~100 ft.
Is there a way to make an XX12 not respond to a 3602 Remote IR Signal?
How do I dismiss a Quick Select Message that was accidently engaged? Clicking Save or Exit on the Remote has no effect.
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