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LG makes most of the displays for Apple's iMac lineup and they are all IPS. So I'm not surprised.
The viewing angle on this is 178 degrees by 178 so the odds are good that this is an IPS screen.
I just want to know that there's a piece of hardware (current) that will play my HD DVD (of which I'm not selling nor exchanging for Blu-ray). If these play old school HD DVD then it'll only be time before someone imports then stateside and if the performance is improved over my current HD DVD hardware I'd have no problem buying in.
Shipping error according to Traderbora. My discs came intact today. I'm a happy camper.
Well it's past my due date so I just sent Traderbora a message. I don't mind a refund..I'll redo my list and remove some items if I'm too much over where I want to be. I'm all for second chances...he must have had something take him of his game and some stuff fell through the cracks. I'll update you guys on my situation. I'm still loving HD movies for 4 bucks.
Great I ordered 31 movies 3 weeks ago and got no response either. I'm emailing today and I'll probably get the same "refund"
I bought it...I mean it's John Wayne here and has this movie has a good rep. I've never seen it but it's shipping from Amazon for me on monday.
I've got 31 titles coming from traderbora. Inetvideo has maybe 7 titles that I'm interested in and after that I think i'm pretty much tapped on Red movies.
LOL ..I fought the same battle and they won. Ordered 31 titles at 4 bucks a pop. Mostly titles I don't own in any format so I'm not complaining but i'm just about tapped out for HD DVD movies that I want to own. Inet has a few movies now that I don't have but it's slim pickens from now on the Red front. Holy shat though....HD movies for $4 delivered. Hell there's no way I lost out in this war. I started with nigh 70 DVD and now I have almost twice that in HD DVD...
Hell no. I won't even take advantage of Red2Blu because it makes little sense for me to pay five bucks to get the same thing. Let's face it ....it's not hard to find HD DVD hardware. I figure over the lifetime of my HD DVD I'll have say 4 players and they'll be all I need. Truth be told as soon as HDD are cheap I'm gonna rip these bytches anyways.
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